Sylveco peeling cleansing reviews

Sylveco peeling cleansing reviews
I have known Sylveco since last summer. I have tested and I have already fallen in love with many products, including cinnamon and peeling lipstick, as well as wheat-oat shampoo. There was also one misfire - washing lotion and one medium - Biolaven day cream. Today is the time to review the cleansing peeling, whose third pack is currently in use.

Sylveco cleansing peeling

The Sylveco cleansing peeling is enclosed in a plastic jar with a metal cap. It is intended for oily skin. Perfect for combination or oily skin.
The product has a herbal smell (horsetail), its particles are small, but don't let it fool you. Although they are small, you have to remember that it is corundum and it has quite good power. It's a really nice scraper.
The cosmetic is very efficient, a small amount is enough each time it is used. It is also worth noting that you do not use it too often. Once, maximum twice a week is enough.

Sylveco peeling - how to use?

Using this product is very easy. However, I recommend you my method, which works great on my capricious face. I apply a small amount of peeling to the chin, cheeks, forehead and nose and start massage. I do massage for about a minute, and then I leave the peeling for 2-3 minutes (it then serves as 2 in 1 - peeling and mask). I wash with lukewarm water and wipe my face dry with a paper towel.
Although I have been a fan of Soraya apricot peeling for many years, today I have found my great favorite and will remain loyal to him for longer.
Let me know if you used this product and how it worked on your skin.