How can you make the perfume smell more noticeable?

Choosing the perfect fragrance is not easy. It may seem to us that a smell suits us, but it may turn out that it is not. It is therefore worth being in a perfumery to spray on the product and carry it a bit.

miss dior cherie reviews
Often in perfumeries there are papers, but I use them only when I do not know the product. When I liked a smell, I spray it on my wrist and watch it develop throughout the day. It is only after such a test that I decide whether any perfume is noteworthy. Today I will present you my fragrances.
I searched for my fragrance for a very long time. I experimented with Avon products, fragrances from Rossmann, I also often visited Douglas or Sephora, until finally I found my ideal by sister P.
An innocent little bottle stood in her bathroom, and I smelled the contents every time I was at A., until I finally pulled out the smell from her, which in time became my favorite. After a few years, I noticed that branded perfumes last much longer.


The perfume that I loved was Miss Dior Cherie L'eau. This is a perfume tester. This fragrance combines:
  • head note: orange essence, strawberry leaves
  • heart's: Gardenia flower, violet, strawberry sorbet, caramelized popcorn, pink jasmine
  • base note: white musk, patchouli
It's a completely light, slightly lemonade fragrance. It lasts a long time.
I use this fragrance mainly in spring and summer, I have the version for the autumn and winter period Miss Dior Cherie Eau Fraîchethat connects with each other:
  • Top notes are: citrus, galbanum and bergamot;
  • middle notes are: jasmine and gardenia;
  • base note is patchouli.
This fragrance is a bit heavier than L'eau, perfect for cooler days. Like L'eau, it stays on the skin for a long time.


And as we are with fragrances, it is worth mentioning their proper application, so that they last longer.
First of all, do not overdo it. The nose of the perfume owner gets used to the smell after some time. Do not spray more to feel it, because it is often the case that we do not feel it, and the rest feel it all too well ...
Keep in mind that most fragrances don't fully develop until after 30 minutes.
If the smell ceases to be perceptible after a while, maybe it is worth investing in an aromatic roller blind? They are not very popular in Poland, but on Ebay or Amazon they are often seen.
It is also not possible to combine several aromas with each other, this applies not only to products with the same application, but also to use an intense shower gel, cream, and also sprinkling the skin with perfumes.
The second thing to keep in mind are places where is the best to spray perfumes. These include
flexion of the elbows, wrists, neck, neck, cleavage (together with the space between the breasts). However, do not apply them to all indicated places. Two of them are enough.
What about spraying hair? Well, from the point of view of people who care about their hair, this is not advisable, because the particles contained in the perfume can cause the hair to become dull and dry. Personally, I do not recommend.
Further it is not worth rubbing the scent, because we will "kill" fragrances.
In such a complete case I found a fragrance that suits me perfectly and which I just really like. In my opinion, these two fragrances are the best women's perfumes.
Have you already found a fragrance for yourself?