Be Eco! #1 What is an aerator?

By way of introduction, a few words. We start a series of notes "Be Eco!". In this series of notes we will want to share with you ways to make your homes become more Eco.
Getting to the point. The first step to being Eco (and save money) is to save water. Several gadgets can help you with this. Aerators, because we are talking about them today are also called aerators. The aerator is made of stainless metal, has a ring shape. Inside the gadget is a special charge that causes water aeration or a needle jet. The aerator is installed at the outlet of the tap, or when connecting batteries and a shower hose.
It is important that the aerator ring is made of metal and the inside of the aerator is silicone. This is important because if you have hard or very hard water, just wipe the aerator with your finger and the stone will be removed.
aerator price
In a few words about the principle of operation. The aerator is based on the phenomenon of underpressure in the stream of water flowing out of our tap. Due to the negative pressure, air is drawn in through the small holes and the water and oxygen molecules are combined. The faucet faucet leaks less water, but the aeration seems to have a larger volume.
Looking a few years ago, the aerators were something new. Now, any self-respecting company that produces bathroom fittings can not afford not to install this Eco gadget. Aeorator is the easiest way to the first step to be Eco and save a little penny. The aerator can save from 2 liters to even 6 liters per minute.
Currently, new solutions are available on the market, electronic news will help us. Well known motion sensors from the so-called air vents for drying hands. In this case, the detector is located in the tap battery.
Thanks to the earlier setting of water pressure and temperature (we won't find traditional handles in this type of battery), we only place our hands under the tap and use as much water as we really need.
In the shower, however, LED green lighting informs us that we can still wash, but when the backlight appears in red it will mean too long a shower.
Fortunately, no one has ever invented an application to control water with a tap smartphone, but who knows ... 😉