Denko: November 2015

In the shower

  1. Facelle 50 + I visit guests every month. Works great with me and I'm not going to look for a replacement. I will buy again.
  2. Petal Fresh, hair conditioner - this version liked my hair the most. It does not weigh them down, moisturizes and tames hair. It also smells good. I buy this conditioner at Hebe. I will buy again.
  3. Babydream fur mama shower gel I reached for him because my beloved Alterra shower gel wasn't there. I was not disappointed. It is delicate and moisturizes. The smell is similar to babydream shampoo and shower gel (I think all their products have the same smell). I will buy again.

For hair

  1. Syoss Volume Lift, hairspray - our huge favorite for many years. Until we got another varnish for testing at Meet Beauty. We will not return to Syossa! And soon a review of his replacement. I do not buy.
  2. Sesa - I have this oil mix exactly one year (and maybe more). It doesn't smell like everyone said. Unfortunately, the content of coconut oil does not affect my hair well, which is why more sessions I do not buy.


  1. Kneipp bio oil - my huge favorite because of the composition and smell. I use it for make-up removal, and also add a few drops to the hair oil mixture. I am currently testing Alterra oil for makeup removal, but I will definitely come back to this product. I will buy again.
  2. Elmex, toothpaste against caries - this company's pastes have been with me since I installed the camera. After removing it (in spring !!!) I will definitely continue using it. I will buy again.

body cosmetics

Perfect Housewife

  1. Cif, cleaning milk excellently deals with larger dirt. Perfect for cleaning various surfaces, among others sinks, shower tray from the shower. I will buy again.
cif microgranules

Denko: July 2015 part 1

Another female and male bottom is ahead of us. This time it has accumulated a bit, but at least nothing is in the cabinets. Once I had a problem with the use of cosmetics to the end, today I buy another product only when I see the bottom in the previous one.
This does not apply to products that do not work for me. These usually go into good hands 😉

In the shower

  1. Facelle 50 + appears here systematically. I will not bore you about this product, if anyone is interested, reviews will be found on the blog. I will buy again.
  2. Petal Fresh, Age-defying hair conditioner it worked great with me. It clearly strengthens the hair, does not weigh them down, and is very efficient. One bottle was enough for me 1,5 month of use. I will buy again.
  3. Sylveco, oat and wheat shampoo Rebuilding is another great Sylveco product. It smells wonderful, foams well and is also very efficient. After washing, the hair stays fresh for longer. I will buy again.
Facelle, Petal Fresh Hair Conditioner Age-Defying, Sylveco oatmeal shampoo

face care

  1. Bielenda Cotton I still use it to wash Beauty Blender. I don't use this makeup remover anymore. Not because it worked badly, but because I found something better and natural. I will buy again.
  2. Krem Bandi with mandelic acid he is always with me. I have the impression that my skin looks much worse even after one day. I love this cream. I will buy again.
  3. Sylveco, a linden micellar fluid it is a pearl among natural micelles, after which I usually had the panda effect. Great for mascara, also suitable for the final make-up removal phase. It is very delicate, it doesn't sting your eyes. I will buy again.
  4. In the package from Paese rice powder is homemade rice powder, the recipe of which can be found on the blog. I don't actually use rice powder, so it just made no sense to me.
  5. Eveline, satin blush pink it was quite good, but it wasn't long enough for me. After a few hours he rubbed off completely. I invested in Maca well dressed, but about whether I liked him soon. I will not buy again.
  6. Alterra pomegranate lipstick it is inefficient, and moisturizes the lips poorly. A moment after applying, I had to apply it again. Plus only for the fragrance, which is the same as hand cream and hair conditioner from this series. I will not buy again.

Bielenda Cotton, Bandi with almond acid, Sylveco linden micellar liquid, Paese rice powder, Eveline pink satin blush, alterra lipstick pomegranate

Body care

  1. Olive Babydream fur Mama is my huge favorite. I use it mainly for the body, but sometimes guests also on my hair. It smells beautiful, I love to put it on at night, because its scent relaxes me. It's cheap and it's great! I will buy again.
  2. Eveline Slim Extreme 4D I use every year in the spring and summer. The balm is great for hot weather because it cools really well. And as for the effect - with regular use, the effect can be seen with the naked eye. The skin is firmer! He's such a little wizard when we need firming for now. Unfortunately, the effect only lasts when we use the balm, when we stop using it, the skin immediately returns to its previous state. I will buy again.
  3. Bath & Body Wroks Warm Vanilla antibacterial hand gel is a bit too intense for me. I don't really sense the sweetness in it, but I don't feel much alcohol. I will not buy again.
  4. Max Factor False Lash Effect this is my beloved mascara for 3 years. I always try to buy it in the promotion, because it is quite expensive at a regular price. It is worth every zloty, because it gives the effect of wow. I will buy again.
Olive babydream fur mama, eveline slim extreme 4d, bath & body works warm vanilla, Max Factor False Lash mascara