A real review of the Philips Steam & Go 2-in-1 steamer

No, this is not an April Fool's joke, but a real review of the Philips GC332 / 67 steamer that we have had the opportunity to test over the last 2 weeks. Reading reviews on the internet you can think that this device is worth buying. Unfortunately, I have the impression that most of the reviews were written by people substituted. Why? You will find out in a further review. If you're looking for good clothes streamer, I invite you to the ranking best steamers on the market.

steam ironing clothes

We have dreamed of this device for a long time. Although we have really good ironHowever, it is not always time to iron in the traditional way. In addition, we have several clothes in the wardrobe, which, despite their good quality, unfortunately are not the easiest to iron.

Technical specification of the Philips Steam & Go 2-in-1

We'll start with the fact that the device is light and has a medium length cable. Visually, it also looks really good. The device heats up quite quickly (about 45 seconds). This is a big plus, because if we need to iron something quickly, we do not need to pull out the iron and set up ironing boards.

The Philips Steamer has such a small water tank that ironing is a nightmare. Even when you have good quality clothes.

Unfortunately, the water container is a total failure. When we read the reviews about this device and the container that is enough for steam ironing 3-4 clothes, we wondered who wrote it and how much someone had to pay for these people. It's a total fake! A full container (60 ml) is enough for one, maximum two clothes! If the fabric is thicker, you may run out of water halfway through ironing.

hand steamer container

The Philips hand steamer has the power of 1200 W and its steam output is 24 g / min. You might think it's really good for such a baby. And that's the truth. Unfortunately, these are not sufficient parameters for the device to fully meet our expectations.

Testing the Philips GC332 / 67 steamer - Dominica

At first glance steam ironing went my two silk blouses (one of them is really a hard nut to crack, and each ironing ends with a cry or a bunch. Once I even threw this blouse and I regret a little that it actually did not hit the dump. Quality quality, but it's probably not worth having something in the closet that we don't smile at the sight of). Steam ironing ended in total defeat. The blouse looked slightly better than before. There was no madness. Another silk blouse went to the second fire and this one was quite well ironed. I really had no major reservations, although it could have been better.

Philips Steam & Go 2-in-1 steamer

Testing the Philips Steam & Go 2-in-1 steamer - Piotr

Here, my testing ended, because I found that since with silk blouses and a cashmere sweater this device could not do it then it could only be worse. Piotr started the tests.

The first thing is too short cable, only two meters which with such a device is pure minimalism only after connecting the extension cord, using a streamer becomes more convenient. Not every person has a socket, e.g. near the wardrobe.

The second issue is waiting with your watch in hand and wondering if the equipment is ready for use or not. As you can see in the attached pictures, the product has a built-in LED above the "Philips" logo. Why this model does not have the option to inform, for example, the colors "red do not use" green "ready to use"? I would not be surprised and did not even require such a function with lower-priced equipment. However, in this case I consider it a certain standard. I started testing myself with a lot of credit because of the Philips brand. Personally, I highly value this company, including for a guarantee of the highest quality of equipment. As it turned out everything by the time ...

At first fire trousers were creased, horizontally pressed. The effect really never before ironing at the edge was so fabulous simple, two up and down movements along the edges and taken care of! For the next testing I chose three shirts that are of high quality. In this case, it was not exactly what I expected and this pattern reflected from the hanger on the shirt, horror ... I really felt a big disappointment, because our iron is doing much better vertically. The last thing is the test on a thick wool sweater. The result was quite satisfactory, the sweater was refreshed to some extent and lost some of the crease. I still can't believe that such a reputable company released such a sell. I am already skipping the water container, which is the size of a mouse drinker. If you read and watch reviews from other sources such as "I pressed three things on one tank of water", it probably only happened in the case of earlier ironing these things iron.


If it wasn't for the tiny water container, which is a total failure, maybe this device would defend itself. We wouldn't spend so much money (from 430-460 PLN) on a device that has no pleasure to use and which simply works on average compared to the price you have to pay for a steamer. As you know on our blog, we show not only products that are worth using, but also those that need to be avoided. That is why this steamer review was created to warn you before buying a device that did not work out in our case. It is better to add and buy a standing steamer, which not only has more power, stronger steam release, but also a much larger water container that does not need to be filled after ironing one blouse or shirt.