What foam will highlight the curls?

I am currently at the stage of looking for the perfect hair mousse that will emphasize my curls and at the same time will not stick my hair, weigh it down or dry it. I used linseed gel for a while, but it worked better for me as a hair mask, and grains with snot as a face mask.
And this is how I returned to the cosmetics market. I noticed that Rossmann, Hebe, Superpharm (these drugstores are closest to me) are actually 3 foam for curls cross. I tried two and I'm still not happy with any of them.
Today I will tell you a bit about Taft foam for curly hair, although it will not be a long review, because this product can not be said much.
As I wrote, it is very important for me not to stick my hair and dry it, too. Unfortunately, this product does both.
Even a small amount of foam causes glued underline curls (characteristic "crunching" when touching the hair). In addition, after a few hours, the curls completely flap, which I also wanted to avoid.
Initially, I did not give up and used it every day, after a week I had terribly dry hair, and the only culprit was this foam. I don't have to say anymore that the wonderful promises made by the producer are completely false.
This product has completely failed on my hair, so I will never come back to it again.
Curly-haired, do you have any checked cosmetics for styling curls?