Why do you need to drink water after waking up?

I have been practicing drinking water immediately after waking up for several weeks. In today's post I will answer the question why it is worth practicing. I can see for myself that it pays off and for sure your skin will quickly reward you for it.

drinking water after waking up

How to check if your body is dehydrated?

When you start noticing that your skin is dry and your face is pinched - it's a sign. A sign that says your body is dehydrated. This is one of the signs, because the others are e.g. tiredness or frequent headaches. Do you know that a glass of water often helps with a headache? This is not a myth, I tested it myself, not once.

How to fight dehydration?

As I wrote at the beginning of the post, I have been practicing a very simple method for the first hydration for several weeks. Do you know that our body dehydrates during sleep? Therefore, immediately after waking up should drink a glass of water. Apparently, it is also good to drink a glass before bed, but as Piotr laughs - my bladder is the size of a peanut and drinking a glass of water before bed would end up spending the whole night in the toilet.

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If you start drinking more water because a glass of water in the morning does not solve the problem of dehydration, you may notice a rash at first. This is a normal body cleansing process. After a while, the skin will begin to normalize and look better. Interestingly, this applies not only to acne, but also to wrinkles and skin tightness. If the skin is properly moisturized, wrinkles become less visible.

I don't like water! What to do?

If you do not like the taste of water, you can diversify its taste by throwing a slice of lemon or a few leaves of fresh mint into the glass. Over time, it will definitely get better and although you may like the taste more than once, noticing the effects of regular drinking of water and its appropriate amount, you will reach for it more often.

6 ways to learn how to drink water

Can you not bring yourself to drink enough water? Are you still struggling with dry skin? This is a sign that you are drinking too little and that you need to change it.
how to learn to drink water
I have some tips for you on how to learn how to drink water. When you follow them, at some point it will get into your blood and you will not notice when you drank these 2 liters.
1. Keep water in a bottle or jug.
You don't necessarily have to buy a bottle of water every day. The bottle is so good that you can mark a measure on it, e.g. 1 / 4 bottles hours. 12: 00, which means that by 12: 00 you have to drink a certain amount of water. This will allow you to monitor the amount of water you drink.
2. Don't limit yourself to water alone.
The water is very healthy, but you should also drink herbal teas. The autumn and winter period encourages it to do so. However, I do not recommend drinking black tea, and replace it with the abovementioned herbal or fruit teas.
3. However, if you stay by the water ....
Maybe it is worth adding fruit to the jug with water for better taste? I recommend adding pieces of honey melon and a few mint or lemon balm leaves. Pride!
4. Put water containers and even glasses in view.
Thanks to this, every time you look at the cup you will take a sip of water. This is a psychological trick that will work out for us :)
However, if you can't mobilize it, maybe it is worth reaching for smartphone applications that remind you to drink water?
I recommend Water Your Body or Water Daily.
5. Avoid carbonated drinks, and if you reach for them, think of a punishment.
At the beginning, when I didn't like drinking water, and more juice from carton (thankfully I was never drawn to carbonated drinks), I came up with a punishment. For drinking each glass of juice, I had to drink two glasses of water. You won't believe how quickly I switched to drinking water.
6. Man gets used to good.
While I didn't like the water at first, now I can't imagine drinking anything else. At some point, my body probably got used to it and completely does not attract me to other types of drinks. Yes, sometimes I will drink a glass of cola. It is very effective for headaches or as protection against stomach flu. Otherwise, I don't reach for this kind of drinks, because the filtered water from the jug is very good water.
And how is your drinking water? Do you make a norm ?;)