Saturday sightseeing of the Royal Baths

We spent a hot Saturday in Warsaw visiting the Royal Łazienki Park. Always as we were in Warsaw, we had little time. Since we live in Wawa, we can easily explore the places we have never seen without unnecessary haste.

Visiting the Royal Baths

We got off near the Frederic Chopin monument, that's why we were the first to see the Sibyl Temple, which is extremely charming. That's where we recorded boomerang on IG. When it comes to visiting Łazienki Królewskie - it is definitely more profitable to buy a pass than separate tickets to each place.

Later, we visited the Palace on the Island and admired the beautiful peacocks. Really, we were sitting for good 40 minutes and looking at their beautiful feathers. I've never seen a peacock live, and when it spread its tail, it took my breath away. It's really an amazing experience. I believe in reincarnation and I thought that I would like to be reborn as such a beautiful peacock. I would only have to change sex, because the females are not so beautiful anymore.

Then we went to the Myślewicki Palace, and finally to the Old Orangery and the Królweski Theater. Of course, we did not manage to do everything, because fatigue was felt. The high temperature did not help with the trip. For sure we still have to see a tea room or an Egyptian temple. Łazienki Królewskie is a really beautiful place and we will go there more than once.

While visiting the Royal Łazienki Park, I was wearing a polka-dot overalls with a Spanish New Look neckline, a small and very roomy leather bag from Ryłko and loafers with gold accessories from the same company.

sibyl temple

polka dot jumpsuit new look

small leather bag

Royal bathroom

peacock feather

beautiful balcony

marble sculpture

beautiful interior

marble floor

women's leather loafers

marble fireplace

marble fireplace

styling with a polka-dot suit


marble stairs

styling with a polka-dot suit

wooden dressing table

beautiful ceiling with paintings of the time of day

old conservatory

fruit tree


old conservatory of royal bathrooms

royal theater repertoire

ceiling with a painting

jumpsuit with peas and Spanish neckline

Polka-dot suit - New Look

Sunglasses - W. Kruk

Leather handbag - Ryłko

Leather loafers - Ryłko