How do you survive a party with a mate on your face?

You have probably read more than once that my face is very problematic. While now I got rid of acne in 95, which didn't bother me, my face still belongs to the kind mixed with problems. However, I found a product that allows me to keep the mat longer. If you have this type of complexion and also fight every day for a beautiful, complexion in the mat, I invite you to the rest of the note.

I defended myself for a long time against Asian BB creams, but when my favorite blogger, who has a complexion very similar to less praised this product in the heavens, I took a chance. Dr G BB cream was a hit. Not once have I had any pimples after it. Maybe it's due to the composition, or maybe thanks to good makeup removal? Either way, I can safely say that this product serves my face. In addition, it makes it look a lot better even on bad days.

After some time of using BB Dr G sensitive cream, I also wanted to test the often praised base of the same company. The more that I needed her for an event that required me a perfect mat.
The perfect mat is a relative term when it comes to my face. Do you remember how I once wrote about the turmeric cream that made it? (Click). Unfortunately, this product after a long time caused me a terrible spill, so I had to give it up. The packaging is still in my bathroom, I'm wondering whether to give this cream a second chance.
Dr G's database did very well. Even after all night, without using matting powder, my face looked pretty good. It was true that I had to use matting tissue around 24 hour, but it was still visible that there were no imperfections on the face.
Unfortunately, the problem of the product is the color, because even after mixing the base with BB cream from the same company, it is a bit too light for me. It is worth mentioning, however, that I don't have typical Slavic beauty. My skin is olive and tans very quickly, thus applying the base in the summer made my face too pale.
I recommend the base to medium pale or darker ones, but only in the autumn and winter.
The product is slightly denser than BB cream, but it still spreads well with Beauty Blender. In addition, it hides imperfections better than the cream itself. If we have any discoloration or pimple, I recommend using the base, not the cream itself. The cream itself will not hide our imperfections so well.
The base did not clog me even once, and I used to use it for some time even every day.
In combination with the 2 BB cream (sensitive version): the 1 face is perfectly uniform and the color is a little darker.