Misuse of cosmetics - does this also apply to you?

Once, our grandmothers used one cream for the whole body and surprisingly they had beautiful, well-groomed skin. Today, using too much cosmetics is becoming more common.
The stores are full of creams (each for a different body part) or other products of this type. I have the impression that if I chase "trends" I would have to have at least face creams and body lotions with 4.

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When young girls write to me, I immediately ask what cosmetics they currently use. I grab my head when I get an answer. The list of products is really long.
My observations show that the abuse of cosmetics largely affects people who fight acne or are teenagers. I am not saying, however, that this phenomenon does not apply to others.
Until recently, I was alone in this group. My cabinets were bursting at the seams and I was wondering why my skin looks worse? I use good cosmetics to help me!
There is a moment in life that we begin to be interested in our appearance. As a child, I didn't pay attention to what I looked like and what I was wearing. During adolescence it started to matter a lot to me.
Then in my area they opened the first Rossmann. I remember today that when I entered the store, I thought, "If it's heaven, I want to die." I've never seen that amount of cosmetics before.
When I visit drugstores, I often see girls with meshes stuffed to the brim. I honestly admit that it is a bit scary for me. Why would someone 5 use the same nail polish or 3 hair conditioner?
Unfortunately, this view is becoming more common. Consumerism is getting younger and younger. Even children no longer have sneakers, only conversy or iPad instead of a tablet.
Returning, however, to the topic of abuse of cosmetics - excessive care is not good for our skin. Of course, I'm not talking about suddenly throwing away 90% cosmetics and peeling once a month, but it's worth limiting yourself. My face only got better when I started using several cosmetics regularly and I stopped experimenting with new products.
Today, I pass by next promotion or cosmetic news. One day I would definitely stop, I would even buy a given product.
Summarizing: You really don't need a few face creams, body lotions or hair conditioners. Just one, proven. The one you like. Limit the amount of cosmetics usedand your skin will thank you for that.