Wedding Guide: wedding planning - where to start?

You have a ring on your finger, the wedding date has also been chosen. You have to start planning a big day, but ... where exactly to start?

Planning our wedding we started by booking dates and times in the church. It all depended on it, because if it turned out that the given hour was busy, we would have to look for another room. So if you're starting to plan a wedding - start with that.

Dominika and Piotr - Wedding planning

Wedding planning itself should start half a year max 7 months before. During this time you will calmly embrace everything.

During the first conversation about the wedding you will be informed about the documents that you must provide (some of it is, I will not say), as well as about additional fees, including for the organist, any decorations and the wedding itself (this fee is referred to as "what grace". It is not specified how much should be paid for the ceremony. We gave PLN 300 or 400 because this amount seemed appropriate to us).

If you already have a deadline in the church, you can start planning further. The most interesting, i.e. searching for the wedding hall, begins. It is worth watching every room live, because it may turn out that the pictures on the website are so taken that they hide some of the shortcomings. We know something about it ... One of the rooms we watched (we looked at the 4 rooms in total) in the pictures looked fabulous, but live turned out to be dark and very cramped. Therefore, I adhere to you - do not trust the photos. It is better to see each room live.

Be sure to view each room live. It may turn out that the one that looks beautiful in live photos does not look so nice ...

There was a golden shot with the hall. We liked the first room we saw so much that we compared all the others to it. When choosing the room, I was guided by a separate room for eating and dancing. However, these rooms could not be too separated - I wanted our guests (mainly older people) to see how young people were playing on the dance floor. I also wanted the room to have a lot of windows.

While searching wedding hall we were also looking for a DJ (from the beginning we only considered this option), a decorator, a car with a bus that took guests from outside the church to the wedding hall, a photographer and a cameraman. My task was a bit easier, because the cameraman and photographer were recommended to me by a friend who got married a year before us. We also had a DJ on command, so we had a decorator and a person to look after our transport and guests.

In the next posts I will tell you what my search looked like wedding dress and a decorator who turned out to be a person who met my expectations in 100%