Synergen pimple slices

Fortunately, the time of great skin problems passes (knock on the unpainted ones), but from time to time a pimple appears (so that I do not forget that my complexion is problematic, hehe;)).
slices for pimples
Recently, my attention has attracted acne slices, which I wanted to try for a long time, but honestly I did not want to order them through the allegro. Forgive me, I may be old fashioned, but I prefer to touch and see the product I buy from every side. Only then can I be sure that I have made the right choice.

My opinion:

P. will definitely add three pennies to his opinion, because he also uses this product from time to time. About this in a moment.
For a very low price we get 36 slices packed in 12 pieces in separate sachets, which are a good product protection.
In my opinion, it is a very good idea, especially for people who are attracted to "rummaging" at the resulting cross;) thanks to this it will be more difficult for us and the pimple will not be so tempting. In addition, the slice works so that bacteria do not spread all over the face.
The downside is peeling off slices, or actually a slight pain accompanying this activity. But as one of her friends said, "it's nothing compared to childbirth." I don't know, I didn't give birth, but I take my word for it;)
slices for pimples
Before each sticking, I wonder if it will cause even more clogging.
When we stick the slice on the night at the first visible symptoms - in the morning there is no trace of it. Unfortunately, with more developed pimples it copes much worse - more time is required here.
I admit that the slices are good. We can't expect miracles after using one slice, everything needs time.
In my opinion it is a very effective and quick way to deal with acne.

P.'s opinion

I think that the slices are very effective, but they need to be used regularly (when we see that a pimple is being made, immediately stick a slice on it and do so until it disappears from our mouths).
This is probably the only product that works so well point-wise (much better than all kinds of cosmetics from the roll-on series that I also used). I would recommend.