Do Purederm Pimple Slices Work?

Just a few weeks ago a pimple hit me. It was not a long visit, although visible to the naked eye. I reached for slices on Purederm pimples.
acne slices

To make matters worse, they closed Rossmann in my neighborhood and my favorites disappeared with him slices for acne Synergen (click). Rescue during the day was obvious - tea tree oil, but it was not so easy at night.
Unfortunately, these pimple slices are neither great nor do they work. Their huge downside is the healing layer, which is slightly gelatinous, so that the slice after a few minutes of sticking slides over the entire face. This is not good because it spreads bacteria here and there.
The second minus is the color of the slice. I suspect that the color was supposed to match the color of the skin. Unfortunately, not everyone has such dark skin on their mouths, which makes the slice even more visible.
acne slices

The package contains 30 pieces packed with 10 in each sachet. The slices are the same size.

It is hard for me to determine the operation of this product, because every time I tried to test it myself or Piotr - the effect was the same ... the slices changed their position.
I do not recommend this product, it is not enough that more expensive than Synergen, they do not completely fulfill their function. They are not worth even a penny.