Burberry Pre-fall 2019 review of the most interesting styles

I really like Pre-fall collections, because the photos of these collections have a nice atmosphere (they are not pictures from the shows, they are usually lookbook photos). These photos immediately drew my attention not only to the very interesting collection itself, but also to the strongly Parisian atmosphere. Clothes from the Pre-fall 2019 Burberry collection are very much in my style - both cuts and neutral colors, which often appear in my styles, for example in the last styling with a dress with a collar and lapels from Mango. Besides, admit who doesn't quietly dream of the iconic trench coat from Burberry? I feel that there is no one here.

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In a very Parisian environment (beautiful tenement house, we would like to live in such an interior and we are looking for such a flat) with atmosphere. These beautiful, large windows, marble fireplace and parquet floor create a unique background for photos. If you like such interiors, be sure to check out our Pinterest profile. Our blackboard with home inspirations has over 5 thousand pins. Be careful, because Pinterest is very addictive and you can spend long hours there (I know something about it).

Below are the most interesting styles from the Burberry Pre-fall 2019 collection. Check what will be fashionable in autumn and winter 2019. Which styling did you like the most and why?

how to wear a leather women's coat
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cardigan how to wear and for what
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women's long leather coat
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red long dress
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autumn beige burberry coat
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white dress how to wear in autumn and winter
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how to wear a leather jacket stylizations
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long black trench coat
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skirt-pants styling
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Wool coat - where to buy cheaper and how to wear

The sales period has begun. At post-holiday sales, it's worth buying not only electronic equipment, but also good-quality clothes that are really expensive at the original price. For me, winter is the basis for warm clothes. I am a terrible cold man and I can freeze even at temperatures around 0 degrees.

Camel wool coat

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When buying a wool coat, be careful, because many companies call wool coats, and when we look at the composition it is 70% polyester and 30% wool, in the best case, because in the worst case may be 5% wool and 95% polyester. It is also worth looking at the composition of the lining. The polyester lining can cause you to sweat (polyester is airtight), so I warn you to always check the composition before any purchase. This rule should be used not only when buying clothes, but also when buying food.

Above, a review of woolen coats at good prices, and below are inspirations such as wear a wool coat to keep it not only warm, but also fashionable.

Coat: Three Needles
Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Massimo Dutti
Purse: Chanel
Rings: H&M