What are yeast flakes and why are they worth eating?

yeast flakes

I heard about yeast flakes for the first time after switching to a vegetarian diet. It's a great substitute for "cheese flavor". Together with cooked potato, it can replace cheese on a pizza (it looks like ordinary cheese!), And yeast flakes are very healthy.

What are yeast flakes?

Yeast flakes are an inactive form of yeast, they do not ferment in our body like ordinary yeast supposedly does. We talked about yeast some time ago with our friends. Some say that they are not healthy and not worth eating. Others say the opposite. We are not yeast-like, but I don't see the need to eliminate them from our menu. Homemade pizza on real yeast is something delicious!
I tried to eat yeast flakes with a spoon because I was very curious how they tasted. A bit like diced yeast, there is definitely a "cheese" note with a nutty aftertaste. They are not tasty in themselves, but as an additive definitely yes.

Why is it worth eating yeast?

Yeast flakes, in addition to being a good substitute for "cheese" taste, are also very healthy. They are rich in folic acid, B vitamins, protein, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chromium, fiber, and aspartic acid. It's impressive, right?
I know a few hair maniacs who use yeast flakes as a dietary supplement. A teaspoon of cereals swallow and drink with water. They claim that they work great on hair growth and save them from the most severe oppressions. Of course, the effects can be seen after some time using this method regularly.
How to eat yeast flakes and what to add them to?
As I mentioned before - yeast flakes are a great substitute for cheese sauce. Just add a teaspoon or more (as you like) to the boiled potato flakes and blend them with the potato for the sauce. Add spices. It's so simple and how fast.
They can also be used as a coating (a replacement for breadcrumbs) not only for veggie diets, but also for regular cutlets, as well as for thickening sauces (I recommend using them very often in this way). Yeast flakes are also a great substitute for Parmesan cheese for sprinkling spaghetti and various types of pasta. Some add yeast flakes to potato pancakes so that they do not fall apart. I haven't tried this method yet, but it can give the pies an interesting taste.
The use of yeast flakes is limited only by our mind. In fact, they can be added to virtually any dry dish.

Where to buy yeast flakes?

I bought yeast flakes in a veg food store. I also saw them in Leclerc at the health food stand. However, they were much more expensive there. By default, they can be found in online grocery stores.
I think it is a product that has many uses and is very healthy. It's worth having it in your kitchen.