The best intimate hygiene lotion (for hair too ?!)

Facelle is another gem that can be found in every Rossmann. Quite a nice composition, low price means that many of us use it every day.
I tried most versions: Sensitive (pink), Fresh (blue), as well as 50 plus (green, it's easy to confuse it with the new aloe vera version). I didn't use the new version of aloe vera, because I have already found my favorite.
50 plus, addressed mainly to women over 50, has become my favorite. Perhaps it is due to chamomile and witch hazel, which we can find in the bottle. In addition, I have the impression that this is the most delicate version of the ones I used.
I also tried to apply the product to hair. When using each version, I tested it on my hair, which every time (regardless of the version of the product) did not fully meet my expectations.

The same was true for washing your face. I will not say that my face has reacted with allergies, but I get a much better effect after Cetaphil.

I use Facelle mainly for its intended purpose (for intimate hygiene), but when I am in a hurry I also use it for washing the whole body. In this case, he is also doing great.
The packaging of the product is durable, many times I fell in the shower and nothing happened to him. This is a big plus, because recently when Alterra shower gel fell, the closure has cracked.
Facelle is another product that lands in my basket when I am in Rossmann. I would recommend.
Do you use? Do you like?