This product needs your skin!

Some time ago I had the opportunity to participate in the Henkel e-conference, which released new liquids with oils. I haven't had the opportunity to test these products and I suspect I will be tempted because I finally found the perfect fabric softener.
best fabric softener

I am a skin allergic, I often have skin itching. The worst is after more intense rinsing liquids, especially after epilation. It often happens that my skin itches. However, I managed to overcome this problem.
I often reach for children's products. Whether for care (e.g. Babydream olive) or for washing hair (e.g. Hipp shampoo). These products are much more delicate than those that are made for adults.
When I ran out of the rinse aid I use, I reached for the Bobini liquid. I found that since there is no product that I have used so often, it may be time to reach for something else. I honestly admit that I was tempted by the description and information "with the addition of aloe vera". It worked my imagination because aloe soothes irritations. In addition, I thought that the product must be delicate, because it is intended for washing children's clothes.
The fluid is 1 l, however it is a concentrate, so really a small amount of the product is enough to rinse our clothes.
The first thing I noticed after washing is the incredible delicacy. I liked it very much, but I found it probably just appearances, and the skin will still itch. Managed to! my skin doesn't itch every time I put on fresh clothes. Washing is really delicate and I have the impression that this liquid wraps the fabric to make it even more pleasant.
liquid for rinsing children's clothes

In addition, the product has a nice, but also delicate smell. So when you dry your laundry at home, your whole home doesn't smell like laundry.
The price is also a plus. For 1 I product, which is actually four liters, I paid a little over PLN 10. This is not an exorbitant price for such a large amount of such an efficient product.
When it comes to the amount of fluid added, it is usually half the cap. This amount is enough to rinse out the entire pile of laundry. Do not overdo the amount of laundry products, because the less chemistry, the healthier our body is.
Unfortunately, I will not help when washing clothes for a child, because I use the product on myself. I can recommend this product to people who, like me, have sensitive skin, which is often irritated.
This product has become my huge favorite in the category of Perfect Housewife 🙂
Nonionic surfactants <5, anionic surfactants <5%, amphoteric surfactants <5%, soap <5%, lanolin, fragrance, Benzisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.