Domol liquid for softening water

The water in my tap is awful. It is very hard, causes a terrible stone. While the kettle can be descaled with vinegar or another product intended for this, it is not so easy with a washing machine. Some time ago I bought a Domol liquid that is supposed to soften the water. I don't want to change the washing machine next year, because the water in Gdańsk is very hard.

Price: I bought for PLN 6, but I don't know what the daily price is;)

A few words from the producer: ,,Domol water softening gel dissolves in the full temperature range and prevents scale build-up. The stone-covered heater heats up much longer, so thanks to the Domol softening gel you save not only energy and time, but also the amount of detergent needed for washing. "Availability / Where to buy: very good availability, product available at Rossmann drugstore

My opinion

As I mentioned at the beginning - the water level in my tap calls for vengeance to heaven in terms of hardness. I even checked it out of curiosity when we got a water hardness tester with the dishwasher. It turned out that the water is hard. To be honest, the result did not surprise me ... I found out myself how hard it is. On average, every week 2 I need to descale the kettle. And we don't use it every day.

The more we do not leave water for a long time, we pour it immediately. The stone appears anyway. Then I decided that it was time to invest in a water softening product - for washing. I really value the quality of Domol products, which is why the product fell on. The softener is in the form of a gel, the more I wanted to try it. The liquid is blue and dark. Still, he doesn't dye bright clothes.

For washing, I add 1 liquid cap (pour into the same hole where I put the washing powder). Recently I saw a water softener in Rossman powder for 9,99 PLN. I wonder if it's as good as the liquid one. I recommend washing, because this product protects our washing machines! :)