Are you afraid of donating blood?

Blood donation is a nightmare for me. I am terribly afraid of needles and nobody and nothing will convince me that it is nothing.

Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism recently and I have to do a blood test every approx. 3 months. It is a nightmare for me ... before I avoided it like fire (I did research every 2-3 years), but now I am forced to stab regularly.

I found a product that allows me to forget about the pain when driving a needle, and thus experience it with dignity in an armchair, not a bed 😉
Emla slices are an anesthetic product that can be used for vaccination, blood sampling, all kinds of punctures and catheterization of veins. The product can also be used in aesthetic medicine procedures, e.g. closing blood vessels, smoothing wrinkles, or surgical procedures, e.g. using a laser.

One patch should be applied an hour before the test, thanks to which the anesthetic will be absorbed into the epidermis and dermis. If we use the 1-2 patch an hour before the procedure - the anesthesia will last for approx. 2 hours. The patch can be applied a maximum of 5 hours before the planned surgery.

The longer the patch stays on your skin, the longer it will last.
Emla can be used in adults, but also in children from 3 month old. It is worth thinking about if the child is afraid of injections, vaccinations, etc.
Slices are not the cheapest (about PLN 30 for 2 slices), but for me, no pain when taking blood is priceless.