Instagram profiles that are worth following

We have been dynamically developing for some time on Instagram #dpblogpl. The first goal of 10 thousand Followers in front of us, we are already very close. If you do not yet follow us on Insta - you are cordially invited to click 'follow'. Below I drop a few profiles that I have been observing for some time and are among my big favorites (in terms of beautiful photos). Some time ago I wrote on the blog about favorite channels on YouTube. If you are curious about who I am watching and whom I can recommend to you, take a look at post of your favorite YouTube channels.


The profile of mypeeptoes is the profile of Pauli Ordovás - Spanish fashion blogger. Her profile is full of inspirational fashion photos. I also love her insta stories with a large dose of positive energy. Aesthetic photos are something that Paula's profile doesn't lack. This is a typical fashion and travel profile.


Anna's profile amazed me mainly because of otherness (in the good sense of the word). An original approach to fashion, but not the common one, but high fashion. The profile owner herself is a beautiful woman who can display her beauty. Anna's profile belongs to the fashion category.


Beautiful photos, the highest quality art. Aesthetics and original approach to photos. And consistency that can be seen with the naked eye. Each photo added on this profile is a huge inspiration for me. This profile belongs to the lifestyle category.


I love Melanie's pictures because they are so saturated with colors. Secondly, because it often shows really delicious things (beware! You can get drooling!). I put thetiafox profile in the travel category.


I do not often observe profiles related to interior decoration, because I just do not interest this topic. Nevertheless, it would be a sin not to know and love this profile. I fell in love with this dose of interior design inspiration at first sight.


I let this profile leave for the end. Not because it is the worst, but ... because you have to stop and enjoy it. Enjoy each photo like a cup of tasty coffee or a delicious dish. And here there are many, but also many beautiful clothes and Parisian views. This is probably the only profile that I reviewed from the beginning (and the owner has as many as 3111 photos) and 99% of photos caused me great admiration. Even the simplest photos on this profile are a work of art.

I wonder if you already knew any of the above profiles on Instagram? Or maybe some of them have been observing for some time? Let me know in the comments.