Places I would like to see

I have never told you about places I would like to see. I'm not the type of traveler, and every trip stresses me a bit, mainly because I don't like leaving Semir. Taking care of Ushka, I knew the consequences.
Let's move to magical places for a moment. I invite you today to travel around the world.


I have been dreaming of a trip to India for years. This place fascinates me with its culture and richness of colors. It all started from Bollywood movies to Indian cosmetics and yoga. My fascination with India is so big that we had even one outdoor wedding session in the atmosphere of India. This place is at the top of my travel list of dreams.


The south-eastern parts of France seem to be beautiful. Extensive fields of lavender (I can already smell this smell!), Which already in the pictures delight with colors. Added to this is lush vegetation. It all makes me in love with those surroundings and they seem to be the perfect place to relax. The village of Gordes also seems to be an ideal place to explore. Construction that impresses with its simplicity and class ... something beautiful. So far, Nice seemed equally interesting to me, but considering that it is not safe there - for now I will give up those areas.
Provence lavender


This city has always delighted me with its mystery. I regret that I did not go to Paris when it was safe. I hope that the situation in Paris will be stable and we will be able to see the Eiffel Tower with Peter, which apparently does not impress during the day, but in the evening is fabulous.
Of course, the Louvre, delicious food, narrow streets and ubiquitous cafes (macaroons, croissants, pain au chocolat ... yum). All this makes me regret that teleportation is not possible. I would love to eat breakfast in one of the Parisian cafes.
Eiffel Tower Paris


Blue water, paradise beaches, all in a set with high temperatures. Where can it be better? Sicily seems to be the perfect place to forget about everyday problems. For this beautiful monuments, e.g. the amphitheater in Taormina. I think this is paradise on Earth.

sicily trip


Or is the Dominican Republic a paradise? I do not know myself. I know one thing - Dominica must visit the Dominican Republic. And seriously it's me - a fan of high temperatures, lying on the beach and doing nothing I assume that I would feel perfectly right in this place. Waking up and seeing the beach and turquoise water instead of blocks ... dream 😉

Dominican Republic paradise on earth

Let me know in the comments what places are on your travel list 🙂