Boxes for work - what to take so as not to starve

The fact is that we spend most of the day at work. It is worth taking something nutritious with you, as well as something that we can quickly prepare and hide in boxes for work. I am not a fan of preparing meals for work for the whole week. I definitely prefer fresh meals that I prepare the day before or on the same day. Today I will present you some of my favorite dishes, which you can often find in my lunch box for work.

Work boxes - what to bring with you

I don't always have time to cook in the morning. Very often I take the leftovers from dinner from the previous day to work, e.g. mushroom cashmere, soy burgers or stuffed potatoes. If I prepare a meal in the morning - it must be something simple and relatively fast. Usually these are sweet potato fries that I peel, wash, cut and throw into the oven. At this time, I'm doing makeup or embracing Semir. Rice and vegetable mix are also great for work. My favorite is the Mexican mix from Tesco, which in combination with coconut oil on which I fry it creates a sauce that tastes great when combined with basmati or jasmine rice. The work boxes prepared in this way are not only very nutritious, but also economical - instead of spending money on meals at work, we take food with us.

Bean and beet paste - a recipe


  • 1 large raw beetroot
  • can of white beans
  • 2 spoons of horseradish with good composition
  • salt
  • pepper


Bake the beetroot until tender (I throw the beetroot while baking sweet potato fries to make it more eco). We cool and cut into several parts. Drain the beans from the pickle. We blend all ingredients to obtain a smooth mass.

We can spread bread with beetroot paste - it tastes great with sprouts or take with you chopped vegetables e.g. fresh cucumber, carrot or pepper and bean and beet paste (we dip vegetables in it like in hummus).

What boxes do I recommend for work?

I never liked food out of the box - it had such a strange aftertaste, and it wasn't the same taste as the food prepared a moment ago. Fortunately, I found a way for meals to taste delicious even after a few hours in the box - Dafi vacuum containers. Their use is very simple - we put the food into the container, and then put the lid. The air is pumped out using a special pump. It is the pumping of air that guarantees that the food is fresh even after several hours. Such a meal tastes great! The Dafi offer has several sizes of boxes, we have 0,5 l and 1,5 l. In this smaller box we usually take a second breakfast, e.g. chia pudding or dessert. The larger container fits perfectly into dinner.

In vacuum containers, in addition to taking them with you, you can store products in the refrigerator. Very often, we put a tomato in such a container, which we will not eat completely for breakfast or avocado. Thanks to this, we don't waste food, which is very important to us.

Regular meals are the key to a slim figure. I wrote about it during the post about why Parisians don't get fat. If you're curious about my theory about a slim figure, take a look here.