How hate gets haters and how to fight him

Hate is a negative and often unfounded opinion on a given topic. Most often it concerns a public figure (a blogger or influencer is also a public figure when he starts sharing his thoughts and image on the web). Hejt is often confused with the opinion, because someone has the right to dislike your stylization or point of view. I have the impression that now every criticism is reduced to the role of hate.

I really like constructive criticism that brings something to my life and allows me to correct my mistake. I never treat as hate when someone writes that I made a language mistake (it happens to be the best!). Thank you politely and correct the mistake before everyone else sees it. I am worried that readers who write negatively about a subject insure themselves by writing before their opinion 'do not treat it as a hate, but ...' would people be sensitive about the hate and treat every other point of view as something bad?

Hejt drives haters

Just a month ago there was a thread about us and our blog at the cafeteria. I decided to delete it with the help of the owners of the portal. Everything would be ok until the topic did not go down on my loved ones or provide information about, for example, our previous place of residence. I never give detailed information on this subject, because I value privacy and I would not like anyone to enter my personal area. For me, home is a place of work, but also rest and an oasis of peace (when helicopters do not fly overhead).

Dominika in the library

However, I saw several topics about Blogerek or YouTuberek, which stretch from several pages. It always started innocently from a negative opinion, but what happened next was a nightmare. People poured out their bitter regrets, often stumbling over issues on which a person does not have much influence (this one has short legs and that one has a big nose) or loved ones. People could be insolent enough to write that someone's child is ugly or improperly brought up (I love Madki Polish women, who always criticize especially young mothers, because what can they know about childbirth, since they gave birth by Caesarean section). No matter what you do, you'll never please 100% of society, because we live in a 'not enough' generation.

I also don't like some Bloggers and Influencerek, there are also a few whose style doesn't appeal to me, but I respect them. It's normal, you never like everyone. Everyone is different, everyone has their own beliefs, principles and lifestyle. However, I would never have come up with sitting on a forum and writing opinions usually sucked from someone else's finger. For me they are sick and those who do so are also sick. Is not it better to respond to negative emotions in a different way? I recommend yoga or meditation. It's a great way to calm down and throw out negative emotions.

How to fight hate online?

Before I decided to delete the thread on the cafeteria, I watched from time to time what was happening there and whether the topics raised did not go beyond my comfort zone (it does not do me when someone clings to my appearance or lifestyle. Sorry, not everyone has to love me and I also don't want to reach everyone through my content.) The thread lived its own life, there were not only negative but also positive opinions (which according to haters I wrote myself. I laughed, really), which were really nice. However, the moment came when I said enough. Contrary to appearances, it is not so difficult to remove such a thread and each of Blogger and Influencer has full right to it (if you do not know how to do it, write to me on priv). Of course, the thread can renew, and we can delete new topics (until someone gets bored or not).

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How to fight hate? First of all, do not put any negative feedback in the bag with the words 'hate'. Constructive opinion is always positive despite appearances. You must also not allow winding up the hate so-called snowball effect. If this appears on your blog or Instagram profile you can simply not post a comment (blog) or delete the comment or block the profile on IG if the situation repeats. Don't let hate comments clutter up your profile or blog, because hate gets other haters. It may turn out that before you look back, there will be haters among your readers. Remember, however, not to take away your readers or observers at IG of the freedom to speak on a given topic, even if it is a negative opinion. Not every NEGATIVE opinion is a hate right away! People have the right to have different opinions on a given topic.

I am very curious what your opinions about hate are. Do you think every negative opinion is hate? Or are there any dependencies that cause you to perceive an opinion as a hate?