Overview of the most Parisian clothes for the spring 2019

Despite the aura outside (cold and snow don't give up), I have been feeling spring for some time and think about it intensively. Preparing the following review of the most Parisian clothes for the spring of 2019 through the eyes of my imagination, I saw styles that will definitely appear on the blog.

I am very happy that peas are very fashionable this season. As a loyal fan of them, I won't have a problem finding a polka-dot shirt or dress. Designers heard my prayers and the pea trend mastered online stores and boutiques. I also bought a polka dot dress for the upcoming family occasion. For now, I showed it only on Stories, because I know that the family is also watching us, so I will not reveal all the cards.


Below is an overview of the most Parisian 2019 spring clothes of my favorite brands. In the review you will find clothes, among others Madelle Varsovie, Massimo Dutti, Marie Zélie and Laura Guidi. I usually choose these brands when I buy clothes. I rarely visit other stores, and when looking for accessories or buying something that caught my eye. I know that buying products of these brands my wardrobe is rich in high quality clothes. And that's why I recommend them to you, so that your wardrobes are provided only with good quality clothes that will serve you for a long time and please your eye.

Polka dot dresses - the 2019 spring trend

In the Madelle Varsovie boutique (of this brand I have a silk scarf, which is of wonderful quality) you will find as many as three polka dot dresses, one of which is navy blue (made of silk) and the other two black. I thought very much about the Rita dress (inside), but the color of the dots didn't convince me (they are beige). When it comes to polka dot dresses, I'm a traditionalist and I prefer a black or navy blue polka dot dress.

the most fashionable polka dot spring dresses 2019
Source: Madelle Varsovie

I also found very nice polka dot dresses at Marie Zélie. In my wardrobe you can find two dresses of this brand, among others small black (very classical and Parisian) and everyday polo dress for spring and summer, which I think of seeing a tennis court and stylizations of women to play tennis from the old days. What do you think, did any of the following polka dot dresses appear in my wardrobe?

Source: Marie Zélie

Blouses and shirts in a classic style

I love blouses that are original and have beautiful accessories. One such blouse that will definitely be in my wardrobe is a silk blouse from the Laura Guidi spring collection. It is not only very classic, but also made of the highest quality silk. This blouse is in a class of its own, and the pearls on my sleeves cause my heart beating faster. Another blouse that enchanted me is the Polanka Fashion silk shirt. Look at this beautiful collar. I associate this shirt with school times. It's really very Parisian!

These types of shirts and blouses fit both skirts (I do not like them), but also pants. Parisian women eagerly combine them with simple jeans and pumps (preferably Chanel Slingback).

Source: Laura Guidi, Polanka Fashion

Light trench coat for spring and warm autumn

This paragraph gave me the most pleasure, because I've been looking for the perfect high quality trench coat myself for several years. I am not interested in polyester (note polyester = plastic) trench coats, which are full in stores. Fortunately, Madelle Varsovie and Polanka Fashion come with help, which offer beautiful and very Parisian trench coats. Anyway, see for yourself. I am also eagerly awaiting proposals from Marie Zélie, because there are rumors that they will also include spring trench coats.

Trench coat for the spring 2019
Source: Madelle Varsovie, Polanka Fashion