Blue dress - styling straight from Sardinia

If you haven't seen the article about Sardinia yet, be sure to read why Sardinia is worth visiting and why Porto San Paolo is the perfect place to spend your vacation. Today I would like to show you a styling straight from Sardinia, where my favorite blue dress plays the main role. This is my only dress from H&M, which I will not part with quickly (it's over 3 years old!). The dress is not made of natural quality fabrics (the only exception in my wardrobe), but I fell in love with it at first sight. In addition, its cut is perfectly suited to my figure. Another plus is that this dress does not crease at all, which makes it perfect for traveling - even after a long flight it is not creased, which unfortunately characterizes dresses made of, for example, silk or viscose.

How is Sardinia?

Sardinia is a place with a typical Mediterranean climate - in the hot months, the air from above Africa brings hot and dry air. Believe me, at times it is impossible to bear, and the crystal and emerald water is even a godsend. Just be jealous - short winters, lots of sun ... what more could you want from life? To me, it sounds like heaven on Earth, although I suspect that at times you could dream of a little rain or even a few clouds that will dim the sun for a moment.

When we were in Sardinia it was really hot every day (temperature ranged from 30-36 degrees). Interestingly, we didn't feel it that much, maybe because there was no moisture in the air, to which we are used to in Poland. Nevertheless, if you want to be 100% sure on vacation (not like on the Baltic Sea), then Sardinia is the perfect vacation destination. You don't have to take warm clothes here, because they will definitely not be useful.

summer styling italy

In Sardinia, we can find lush vegetation - from beautiful flowers, palm trees to cacti (which, for example, in Milano Marittima were not there, or I did not see them). In every place where we are, I always admire the plants - and it was no different here, which you can also see in the pictures.

Italian style every day

Initially, it was difficult for me to define the style of Italian women in Sardinia, and with time I began to understand what it was all about. Sardinia is a very warm place, and the place where we were - Porto San Paolo is a typical tourist place.

During the day, the beach style dominated - white dresses or just a swimsuit and pareos. Interestingly, 97% of Italians used Havaianas flip-flops on a daily basis, which I personally recommend. In the past, I did not understand their phenomenon and used to buy ordinary flip-flops. Havaianas flip-flops are not only very comfortable, but also durable, and you can buy them at the airport for as little as EUR 30 (I think I already know why all Italians wear them so eagerly).

styling for hot days

Coming back to the style of Italian women - during the day, as I mentioned, it was completely beachy, but after sunset their style completely changed. Suddenly the Italians were pulling out heels and elegant clothes. And I must say that this does not surprise me at all, because functioning in such a climate is completely normal. During the day, I did not see any woman wearing heels, but their place was replaced by comfortable sandals or flip-flops (often also with heels).

comfortable high-heeled sandals from a Polish brand

The styling from this article is my interpretation of the Sardinian evening Italian style - a blue lace dress that you can associate, among others from last year's holidays with Milano Marittima and very comfortable, black braided high-heeled sandals of a brand that I recently discovered and which won my heart. Noevision is a Polish brand with not only very nice and fashionable shoe models, but also very comfortable! It's been a long time since I had high-heeled summer shoes that would be so comfortable. I recently bought one more shoes from this brand (Chanel style), which I will show you soon.

The post was created in cooperation with the Polish footwear brand Noevision.