Monday dramas

How do you find a good job?At the thought of Monday, your hair is bristling? On Sunday morning, are you already thinking about the pile of documents on your desk? Do you know that from? Read this post and you'll learn how to fix it.

Time to change the attitude to the job

There are few people who like their work. Most of us treat it as a necessary evil. As something that gives us money to survive (more luxurious or less). For work to be a pleasure - you need to find some pluses in it (even when you think it is totally hopeless).

Take matters into your own hands

If you don't like your job, just change it. The nonsense is an excuse that there is high unemployment, that there are several people in one place. At present there is an employee market, not employers so far. The perfect time for change for the better. If you believe in yourself and your skills, there is nothing to be afraid of - you can do it!
It's not like you used to have a lot of money to start your own business. You can benefit from European Union funding. Such funding can be obtained, among others to set up a business or project development. There are many possibilities, just get interested in the topic.


You have no experience, do not count on the fact that you will get a dream job and earn coconuts (although I know such cases! However, you really need a lot of luck to make it happen).
You have to aim high, but only if you are sure of what you are doing and can prove it somehow.
If you're in college, save time to gain work experience. You can arrange with your employer that you will only be on specific days (when you have fewer classes or on weekends). You can also work remotely, nothing stands in the way, all the more kilometers.

If you don't have experience, don't count on high earnings. Everyone starts somewhere, it's normal. When you gain work experience, you'll have a chance of higher earnings.

Today, you can remotely cooperate with a company that is even a few hundred kilometers away from you. I am an example of this. I live in Gdańsk and cooperate with a company from Krakow. Nowadays, distance is not an obstacle!
Studies are a time worth using. One of the lecturers once said very wise words, "use your study time, do something, show off something." Don't let studies be a waste of time. " With Piotr we took it very much to heart and in moments of doubt we recall these words as motivation.