Don't treat your reader like idiots!

I have had it for a long time that the best ideas come to me in the shower (does anyone else have it or just me ?!) If someone came up with a machine that could connect me to the brain (or a waterproof laptop - or maybe they already exist ?!) to write my thoughts in the shower, I would have to write posts for the next 5 years. This article also occurred to me while taking a shower, when my thoughts literally consist of ready texts. Probably some Bloggers and Influencers will hate me for this post again, but I don't mind. Enough to make idiots out of people, it must finally end. Simply put - don't treat your reader like idiots!

take responsibility for what you write

Some time ago I wrote a text about the credibility of Influencers. About the influencers are combining to establish cooperation with a company and lie about statistics. Because how to believe someone who says that 2 has millions of blog views per month, and on Instagram has just over 3 thousand. followersów? How to believe a blogger who uses company X cream on Monday and on Friday the company Y. And how to believe a blogger who copies someone's articles, signs them under his name and sells them. Well ... how ?!

My reader, my responsibility

Blogging since 2009, I feel a bit responsible for my readers. I always try to give them the highest quality of both knowledge and products that I show on the blog (this idea also guides us in private life). It depends on me what I tell my reader who trusts me so much that entering our blog is certain that he will find real information here. I want to educate my readers among whom there are both people who find useful information or inspirations here as well as bloggers, mainly to whom he is directed Blogger's guidein which I write about social media, collaborating on a blog or blogging dark sides. I like my readers (even Bloggers who copy our template and pretend they don't know what's going on) and I care about our blog being the place where they want to come back.

my reader my responsibility

One of Blogerek (who watched our Instagram profile) often reminds me of testing the bot on IG. I never hid it - I tested the bot on Instagram for several test days (according to her, my tests lasted six months - that's how gossip is formed). Only that I warned my Instagram followers about this using Insta Stories and I even asked for feedback on the behavior of the application. I don't blame her that her observation of our profile ended with clicking 'follow'. It is a pity that now he gives false information about me, undermining my competence and experience, both professional and blogging. People like to live their lives, it gives them great pleasure. I'm really glad to give her so much joy.

Cooperation on the blog

By undertaking cooperation on the blog (or this barter or paid cooperation, I don't care), think about whether it is consistent with your blog and social media profile, as well as with your blog goals and goals. In our blog, as well as in social media, the subject of Parisian minimalism dominates (both in stylizations as well as interior decorations and everyday life). Before starting any cooperation, we think about whether our readers will be interested in the product and whether it is consistent with the idea of ​​our blog. If not, we politely refuse and 'go further' (I do not see the point of cooperating, which completely does not suit us and our blog. Every day we get several emails with a proposal of cooperation, and it happens that we reject all of them - even those where conditions financial are very beneficial).

don't treat the reader like an idiot

Don't treat your reader like an idiot!

Yes, it is good to write texts in a light and pleasant to read style. This allows you to reach both regular readers, but also to people who have been in contact with the topic for the first time. I often use 'harder' words in my texts, because I don't have readers of our blog for morons. We create our blog and we influence the people we reach through the content we publish and the products we show. The truth is that we will never reach 100% of people in the world (not only because of the language barrier), but also because EVERYBODY will never be interested in a given topic. This is obvious. However, we give our readers freedom of choice. You may not be interested in the subject of social media, but you may like to watch it classic styles. We gather different people on our blog through various topics, some prefer to visit the department Our house, others were attracted by posts fromVegetable diet'And others are still searching a way to cure acne.

Do not think now that discussing various topics is a way to blogging success. What is this? There are many blogs that only deal with one topic, and their owners are really great at what they do. To achieve blogging success, the most important thing is to do what you love and feel. Then you will attract readers with a passion similar to yours. You don't even know how many readers of our blog I have contact outside of the blog (we talk on FB, IG or meet live). A blog is not just content, post optimization or beautiful photos. A blog is primarily people. Therefore, respect your readers, giving them the highest quality of published content both on the blog and in social media. Don't treat your reader like an idiot!

Bookmarks that are worth having on the blog

I wrote about it last week how to become a professional blogger and earn money on the blogand today I would like to raise the issue of blog bookmarks.
how to make money on the blog
A person looking for Bloggers to collaborate has no easy nut to crack. There are a lot of blogs, and most of them are very similar. To succeed, you need to stand out. Stand out not only with the template, but also with content on the blog.
When you are looking for a Blogger to cooperate, you are looking for gems. Someone who stands out in any way and is not one of many. I will not give you ways to stand out in this note, because everyone has to think about what distinguishes him from hundreds of thousands of blogs on the Internet.

,,About me"

This is a very important tab and if you don't have it yet - do it now! It will be helpful not only for clients, but also for your readers. When entering blogs, I like to know who I have pleasure with. Write a few words about yourself - something that characterizes you. Maybe you are a mother of three wonderful toddlers, or maybe you have a passion to show off? Be sure to write about it in this tab.
Our blog has a bookmark ,,About us" where Piotr and I wrote a few words about us. So that everyone who visits our blog can learn more about us besides reviewing cosmetics.

As a curiosity, I will say that on our "About us" tab, on average, 150 people click monthly.


If you are thinking about establishing cooperation with companies or making money on a blog - such a bookmark cannot be missing on your blog.
It is worth to write here what you can offer (e.g. sponsored posts, contests, etc.), often bloggers also publish their statistics.
When it comes to making statistics public, I am the opponent - you have to think about whether you want to show them. Think about why many famous Bloggers don't brag about their statistics? (and not because they are weak).
In addition, you can add other information here, such as links to your social media channels.
If you still do not know how to do it - you can look what it looks like our 'Cooperation' tab

let's be in touch

A good idea is also the "Contact" tab, where every reader who does not want to share their problems will find your email address.
If we are already at this point - remember to write back to emails (be it to readers or clients) as soon as possible. In my opinion, the maximum time for an answer is 24-72 h. If you do not reply during this time, it may turn out that your order was taken over by another Bloger who was faster. Nowadays, 'time' plays the first violin.