My morning beauty routine

I liked this tag very much, because thanks to it I can tell a little about my morning care.
My morning varies depending on what I have planned for a particular day. Due to the fact that I recently started working at home - it is a little more calm, composed and above all planned. Daily repetition of the morning ritual gives me great pleasure.
Mornings are much easier for me than evenings because I have no problems getting up. I wake up at the first sounds of the alarm clock, although 6 in the morning (so Piotr gets up) are not my dream time to get out of a warm bed. I get up best between 7: 30-8: 00.
The first thing I do after getting up - I drink a tablespoon of linden honey flooded with half a glass of warm water. This is my everyday ritual which I practice in the autumn and winter. Lime honey excellently sweeps out all viruses from our body, so it's worth including it in our diet.
In the morning I do not wash my face with gel, but only wash it with lime Sylveco micellar fluid. My face doesn't like excess water, that's why I wash my face with bandi gel only in the evening.
Then I apply the cream. Depending on whether I go out or stay at home - these are different products. If I know I have to leave the house immediately, I apply BB cream Dr G, and if you are preparing the day at home - I rinse my face with the Bandi intercellular activator, and then apply a cream with pyruvic, azelaic and salicylic acid. I do it all after a morning shower.
After leaving the bathroom, I prepare breakfast - usually it is home-made bread with a lot of vegetables - arugula or lettuce, and pickled cucumber, tomato ... which is on hand. I also boil water for tea. Thanks to the application water your body I control the amount of water supplied to my body. If I stay at home - I brew my favorite tea in the jug, which I drink during the day.
I like listening to music during breakfast. Often it is birdsong or other sounds of nature. You can find music on a good morning on youtube. I recommend especially this or this. Both are able to put a man in a good mood from the morning.
I wish everyone a good day!