Pricing of sponsored posts and advertising activities on the blog

How much for sponsored post? How much for the competition?
How much for sponsored post? How much for the competition?

Monetization on the blog is a topic that has already been raised here several times. Some time ago I came across a question from one of Bloggers, "What are the prices for a blog post sponsored, and how much for a contest". The valuation of sponsored posts and blog advertising is very difficult for many. The answer is very simple and depends on many factors.

Blog statistics

The first criteria that determine the price are blog statistics. In one of the books about blogging, which I read some time ago, it was written that for a blog-sponsored post that has above 15 thousand. uu (unique users) should be sung a four-digit amount. Are you sure? The 15 threshold is not a huge feat, so I think that this amount is heavily exaggerated. Three-digit will definitely be ok.

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Remember that if someone offers you cooperation, or even you write to someone about cooperation / respond to an advertisement - you must send current blog statistics. I additionally send from the last 3 months so that the ordering person can be sure that the high statistics in the previous month were not a one-time freak.

The scope of cooperation on the blog

Not every collaboration is equal to another. It is important to determine the scope of cooperation, i.e. what we can offer to the client. To illustrate this, I will throw in the ranges of cooperation we offer on our blog (the same scope can be found in the 'Cooperation' tab).

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Scopes of cooperation on our blog:
  • sponsored articles
  • konkursy
  • Sponsored posts on social media
  • events / sponsored trips
  • special actions
  • media patronage
  • advertising campaigns using the image
I think it is clear for the client and allows us to price the planned cooperation, because the final price depends on what the scope of cooperation covers. The Principal can only decide on a sponsored post on a blog with a dofollow link or post + promotion in social media + contest. It all depends on what you want to achieve and your budget. We try to be flexible and always do so that both parties are satisfied with the cooperation.
Forks, i.e. the range of prices for advertising services on the blog
Once, one of Blogger's novice asked me if there were any general price ranges for advertising services on blogs. No, and I think we are unlikely to come to this because earnings on blogs are taboo among Bloggers.
I met with an interesting price calculation system for a sponsored post on a blog - if you have 5000 uu then you should price it for PLN 500. (you subtract one zero). In my opinion, this is a poor idea and I say it from the perspective of a person who has experience in cooperation with bloggers (sorry, why should I not use the fact that I have been blogging and doing internet marketing for so many years).

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I always take into account blog statistics, engagement (not only on the blog, but on social media), and also take into account how much work you have to put in to write a given post (from experience) and on this basis I determine whether the rate given by Blogger is reasonable. In situations where I think it is too high - I bargain or suggest that Bloger give him something extra (e.g. promotion on social media).

Remember to value yourself!

Many times companies have written to us with absurd proposals of posts sponsored for 100 PLN. or on one of the portals Reachablogger I saw ads - write a sponsored post with a dofollow link, a minimum amount of u 10.000 and a budget 50 PLN. Funny, but ... someone inexperienced or not very intelligent will be tempted to do it. What is more, he will be happy that he earned PLN 50. You have to be valued! Blogging is hard work, and creating a sponsored post is not 5 minutes of work. Piotr sponsored last post for over 4 hours! I can't imagine earning 4 PLN for 50 working hours. Not a funny vision, right?

It is important to approach each order individually and propose something from each other. Creativity is always well received 🙂

If you have any questions about the valuation of sponsored posts and advertising activities on the blog, ask them in the comment.