Be Eco! #2 Wipes to prevent dyeing of clothes

In today's note I will deal with the issue of saving water again, but this time with a different way. We use the most water for laundry, but don't worry - you can also save money here.
Some time ago I found a sample of handkerchiefs in a newspaper (I think Rossmann). I was terribly surprised, because I saw such a miracle for the first time.

What do washing tissues do?

Wipes are thrown into the laundry, so you can wash materials of different colors. The saving is simple - when you put dirty black and white clothes into one wash, wash them once, not twice.

The product can be found in virtually every store, after a sample that worked great, I switched to Domol wipes (available at Rossmann). I put 3 handkerchiefs in each wash. The number of tissues that should be thrown into the washing machine depends on how much laundry is inside, as well as how problematic the fabrics are.
I have one (pink) towels that dye every time I wash them. I don't want to waste water and wash them every time separately, so I throw 3 handkerchiefs in the washing and throw the rest of the dirty towels, so that nothing is dyed.
The manufacturer recommends throwing 1-2 handkerchiefs, but I assume that if they are completely different color fabrics, it is better to blow into the cold and throw in more than then cry that your favorite sweater is dyed.
In the photo in the post, the photo of the handkerchief before and after is visible on the left. The photo shows the samples that I got. They are as good as Domola wipes, but less available and more expensive.
The package contains 20 wipes and their price is not high - PLN 8,99.
You probably wonder how wipes work. Textile dyeing occurs while dyes penetrate suds. When there are wipes in the washing machine, the dyes penetrate them, so that other clothes are not dyed.

How does it look in practice?

I've been washing black, white and colored clothes with me for a month. I don't pay attention to the fabric and its color. White clothes are still white, and colorful still colorful. Nothing is wrong and I save a lot of water 🙂