Tanning accelerator Soraya Express Bronze 3w1

At the end of June, I became a tester for Soraya tanning products. I was very happy because I love to bask on the beach.
Sunbathing is wonderful, but you have to be very careful about the harmful effects of sunlight (the filter is obligatory!).
This year the weather does not spoil us. After a heat wave, storms and rains came. I hope that the heat will come back, and for now I will resuscitate my tan with a Soraya cosmetic.
I decided to test this product right away, because the letters as pale as 4 were ashamed to show on the beach, where some ladies were already brown. Fortunately, the product helped, as promised by the manufacturer and with regular use my pallor was covered with a light color. I was amazed.
However, this is not a self-tanner and this product will definitely not give you this effect. Maybe it is better because it does not smell like all self-tanning products and additionally moisturizes. For this a huge plus.
The cosmetic is not only suitable for the beach, but also for a solarium.
The product does not have protective filters, so a few minutes after its application, the product with the filter should be greased into the skin.
And now the issue that probably you are most interested in, does the cosmetic accelerate tanning?
Yes! And here I tested it a week ago, when on Saturday I was lying on the beach only 2 hour, and I was sunbathing as if I was lying around 4. I was surprised myself, because I must admit that I am skeptical about the manufacturer's promises. Here the promise was fulfilled and for that glory to the producer.
I am very happy that I could test this product, I like testing when I find pearls that stay with me for longer.
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