The best way to get a turn

My hair has had its whims for a long time. Once beautiful curls, and the next day dejected straightened pseudo-curls, i.e. neither curls nor straight hair, no one knows what.

Recently, I wash my hair Sylveco oat shampoowho really liked my hair. It is delicate, smells beautiful and has the impression that my hair is fresher than after other shampoos. It's hard to explain, but I have the impression that my scalp is smiling: D After washing my hair with shampoo, I apply conditioner to the entire length Petal Fresh anti aging. It is a natural conditioner that moisturizes hair very nicely but does not weigh them down. Bull's-eye.

the best way to get a turn

The last rinse with lukewarm water I do my head down, thanks to which hair is reflected from the root. After I lightly dry my hair with a cotton T-shirt (I think it's been a year when I don't use a towel for hair), I spray it with a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. After thoroughly spraying the hair, I knead the curls gently and leave the hair to dry in about 70%. When it comes to proportions, it's one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and about a glass of water. I pour this mixture into the atomizer bottle.

When my hair is almost dry, a apple cider vinegar had a twist, I fix my hair with Tony & Guy curls spray, which I buy in Rossmann. The product is quite expensive, but it is the only cosmetic that works with my hair. That would be it when it comes to getting a twist from my hair. Of course, this method does not always work just as well (my hair has good days and bad days), but usually this patent works.

The goal - beautiful and supple curls

This time I will fight mine hair. Why? because they have gone completely crazy lately - the curls have less curl than before. I need to find out the reason for this effect and make my curls look like they used to be ...

The goal: to regain perfect curl and elasticity of the curls

On the battlefield:
  • cleaning
  • hair oiling
  • vitamin
  • hair washing with the omo method
  • less means more

1. Cleaning

I style my hair every day, dust and exhaust fumes ... it affects our hair very badly.
That's why I plan once a week skin peeling head.
Homemade peels:
  • shampoo + teaspoon baking soda (or aspirin tablets)
  • shampoo + conditioner + sugar
  • shampoo + conditioner + ground coffee (I do not recommend for thick hair, as there may be a problem with rinsing)
  • shampoo + conditioner + ground oatmeal (probably by far the most mild)
  • shampoo + conditioner + sea salt
Cleansing Shampoo- 3-5 glasses (depending on hair length) green tea, half lemon juice, 1-2 teaspoon oil (can be coconut, sesame, amla etc.)
Rinses - here we can use chamomile, sage (attention! Darkens the hair), nettle, rosemary, thyme. Gray soap - this is probably the cheapest way to clean your hair. Dissolve gray soap in water. Rinse the hair with the mixture. It is worth lightly massaging to "extract" impurities from the scalp.
WARNING! scalp cleansing should be used once a week. People who have dry or damaged hair should use this treatment every approx. 10-12 days.

2. Hair oiling

Hair oiling it is not strange to me because I have been using this procedure for about 2 years. I would like to share with you some observation - oiling brings the desired effects only when the procedure is performed systematically - about once, twice a week. Unfortunately, I have neglected oiling recently and the effect can be seen with the naked eye on my hair - they have stopped styling, are overdried and completely obedient to their owner ... So my beloved ... regularity, regularity and again regularity!

3. vitamins

Some people think that their hair will be beautiful, shiny and styled like in commercials without any boosters ... oh my Dear! hair needs vitamins ...
What? Well, our hair needs vitamins A, E, H, F, C and B vitamins.
a) Vitamin A strengthens the hair. We will find it in eggs, liver, milk, butter, cheese, tomatoes, peppers and carrots.
b) Vitamin B promotes hair growth.
Products rich in these vitamins:
  • B1 - sunflower seeds, chicken breasts
  • B2- broccoli, milk, yogurt, pork
  • B5 - broccoli, mushrooms
  • B12 - chicken liver, beef
c) Vitamin E - thanks to it, the hair has a healthy shine. We find it in cereals, almonds, sunflower oil, corn oil.
d) Vitamin H prevents baldness and graying. We find it in liver, soy flour, walnuts and peanuts, sardines, almonds, spinach, tomatoes and carrots.
e) Vitamin C affects the condition of the hair. We find it in citruses, peppers, kiwi.
d) Vitamin F has a protective and stimulating effect on the body.
e) I also recommend drinking yeast, which also has a beneficial effect on the condition of our hair.

4. Hair washing with the OMO method

Three golden rules - conditioner, shampoo, conditioner. And this is also the order of washing. Apparently this way is perfect for curly hair. We will check-find out. Today was the first day of using this method. For now, no effect. Over time, I hope it will get better ...

5. Less means more

So all and promise to use less cosmetics for styling, because I think I have been exaggerating a little lately because of which my hair became deaf. I used rubber and hair sprayand at the end I will lightly spray them with rinse aid ... or a little too much of it ... I announce that I went to the next battle. I will give you coverage of the battlefield on a regular basis - along with the effects I achieved after a month's skin fight. Do you know any proven cosmetics or homemade cosmetics that highlight curls?