Types of beauty part 2 Summer Woman

A summer woman has a cool, subtle beauty. This type is very popular among Polish women, which is why I feel that many of you will find yourself in this type of beauty. If not - wait for further types of beauty to determine what time of year you are.

A summer woman is characterized by skin in shades:

- pink (this shade gives the effect of a porcelain face) - pink with beige - pale pink, except that the above shades can be from medium to deeply saturated shade.

Examples of women of summer beauty:

  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Sarah Jessica Parker


Women with this type of beauty usually complain about the mouse hair color, which with age usually turns into gray brown with a shade of gray. Yes, it is this shade is commonly called "mouse". Graying hair also acquires a grayish tint. If you don't like your natural color - choose the one from the palette below and you certainly won't be disappointed.

Summer Woman Hair Color Palette

However, remember that black, or black with a pomegranate admixture will not be suitable for your type of beauty. If you want to darken your hair - choose a maximum shade of dark chocolate.


Summer Eye Color:

  • blue but slightly hazy shade
  • blue with a touch of gray
  • hazel with a shade of blue-green


A summer woman can boast of a beautiful, delicate lip color, because it is usually in a delicate pink color.

Colors for summer

A woman with summer beauty should choose slightly hazy, cool and subdued colors. For this type of beauty I do not recommend flashy colors, because a dress or blouse in neon color can muffle the delicate beauty of the owner.

palette of shades ideal for summer women


For this type of beauty I also recommend delicacy, as in the case of spring. In the summer, we can afford any cool shades of red lipstick. From pink to fuchsia and even to cherry and to a shade of red wine. When it comes to eye makeup - you will look great in a smooky eye. However, do not overdo the intensity of this makeup. It must be quite strongly ground to achieve the desired effect of highlighting the iris of the eye. As for eye shadows - choose gray, heather or brown. Perfect for you will also be brown mascara (in case you have light eyelashes).

Other types of beauty:

4 seasons - 4 beauty types

Each of us has our taste for colors. Some feel better in bright shades, others prefer the more subdued ones.

You may have noticed that we often choose colors according to our mood - the darker ones when we don't want to stand out from the crowd, and the more vivid ones - when we want to be noticed.

The brutal truth is that we are judged on the basis of external beauty. It decides about our successes or professional or life failures. Fortunately, we can influence how we are perceived - choosing the right makeup, clothes or accessories. Do you also have such that you buy something on the spur of the moment, and then this clothes gets dusty in the closet? I will give an example from my experience - a few months ago I bought myself a shirt at Reserved. At first I was delighted with her cut, color, but after a few weeks I noticed that I wasn't wearing it even once.

Thanks to the color analysis it will be easier for us today to choose colors suitable for our type of beauty. We will avoid mishaps and our budget will be used more wisely. It is true that throughout life we ​​change color taste - as children we choose very vivid colors - pink, red or yellow.

Teenagers, however, often choose blues, shades of gray, brown and black. As mature people, we usually choose the shades that are just fashionable - during this period often not only the colors but their shades, e.g. raspberry, tomato, cream or chalk. Why are 4 seasons in the subject of the note? Well, we will classify the types of beauty based on just the seasons 4:

from today they will be our determinants of the type of beauty. And I will use it when writing notes about the color, which I confess without beating recently, I neglected. Note above I am opening a series of 4 notes on color analysis and beauty types. I will try to give you all my knowledge on this subject as much as I can. I hope that the notes will be helpful for you :)