Sylveco herbal mouthwash - an alternative to drugstore fluids?

Remember how I reviewed Listerine mouthwash? I didn't even manage to use it to the end, because it just burned my face. Fortunately, Sylveco came to the rescue and produced a product that has a good chance of being in the favorites of the year 2015.
Sylveco herbal mouthwash
The composition of the product is delightful (like other products of this company): Water, Sage Extract, Peppermint Extract, Rosemary Extract, Clove Extract, Glycerin, Xylitol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Benzoate, Peppermint Oil, Allantoin , Citric acid.
I could not do without mouthwash. This is one of those products that I would take to a desert island. This liquid refreshes well, DO NOT bake when used, and of course protects our mouth against tooth decay.
There is no alcohol in the composition, so there is no question of burning and irritation during daily oral hygiene. In addition, we find birch sugar in the composition, which supports the remineralization of enamel and allows you to maintain the correct pH.
The fluid soothes irritations from an orthodontic appliance. He saved me more than once in this case.
There is as much as 500 ml of liquid in the bottle. We use 10 ml once. (rinse mouth for approx. 30 seconds). The set comes with a measuring cup for easy use.

Sylveco linden micellar solution opinion

I have come into contact with natural micellar fluids several times - unfortunately, each time it ended badly. No micelle has been able to wash make-up well before, i.e. it did not fulfill its basic function.

This product is different - this product really works! And most importantly - it is 100% natural. I'm just starting my 4 packaging, so I can say a little more about this product.

I've had contact with the Sylveco brand several times - their oat-wheat shampoo is insane, I also use sea-buckthorn lipstick and biolaven cream for the day (which I unfortunately didn't like).
Initially, I was a bit afraid of this product because I am allergic and I was afraid that linden extract may sensitize me - luckily nothing like that happened. However, if you suspect you are allergic to linden, you must be careful when testing this product.
Composition: Water, Linden extract, Decyl glucoside, Glycerin, Panthenol, Allantoin, Oat proteins, Aloe extract, Lactic acid, Phytic acid, Benzyl alcohol, Dehydroacetic acid.

Micel cleanses the skin very well - it even copes well with mascara. Here it was the biggest test for him, because earlier natural micelles could not cope with mascara (and I do not use waterproof).
I must mention that for the first time I encountered a micellar fluid that foams slightly. At first it was a shock for me, but later I got used to it.
In addition, after using the micellar fluid, the skin is moisturized, which means it is not removed after removing makeup. It's a very pleasant feeling of hydration for a long time.
Product performance is quite good - although it is quite rare, even a small amount of micellar fluid allows you to clean the entire face and cleavage.
If you are looking for a natural micellar fluid that does not irritate the eyes and skin, and perfectly cleanses the skin of makeup - I recommend this product.
Have you encountered this product? Do you like him