Milk - drink or not?

I try not to drink milk and it works out very well (although sometimes I am tempted to coffee with milk. Although I know that later my stomach will hurt. But sometimes you have to have at least some pleasure from life; P).
Milk - drink or not?
If I already have to drink milk - I replace it with vegetable milk. And when it comes to cow's milk - in Poland it is even lifted up into the heavens (you really don't know why, because it is not so healthy).
I am surprised by all the actions under the slogan "Drink milk, you will be great" because milk does not strengthen bones at all, and unfortunately weakens them - by leaching calcium from the body.
Our grandmothers and grandparents often urge us to drink milk without knowing that they are hurting us. All in all, if you think about it, my grandfather, who hasn't been drinking milk for over 30 for years - never had liver problems, while grandma-maniac drinking milk still complains about her.
Nowadays, many children are allergic to cow's milk (I will discuss the issue of allergy itself and my thoughts on this topic at other times). I don't know if you noticed, but more and more products (cheese, etc.) for children are soy. It also gives food for thought.
Another argument for avoiding milk is that it causes heart disease (contains casein).
And of such beauty issues - milk is very good for the skin, but only when used externally - for washing the face (we use full-fat milk), or any bath in milk (great moisturizing the skin! See Cleopatra, who loved milk baths;)) .
Unfortunately, drinking milk causes acne to occur, and in some cases. And that would be correct since I stopped drinking milk - the skin condition is much better. I even did an experiment. I drank milk for 2 weeks - which increased the severity of my acne, and for the next 2 weeks I did not drink pimples. Coincidence? maybe, but for me it's reason enough to drink vegetable milk, not cow's milk.
Of course, I can't imagine not adding a bit of milk to scrambled eggs or pancakes, but I try to use it as little as possible.
You will probably ask now - if you can't drink milk, if it is said that everything is unhealthy then what to eat or drink? I recommend enriching the diet with products such as: all kinds of groats, e.g. millet, couscous, nuts, legumes, oils and as you know - a lot of vegetables and fruits (also dried, but watch out for dried apricots. Recently there was about them in the program ,, I know what I eat ", but I don't remember whether the paler or darker ones are better. Maybe someone will remind me?).
It's best to choose these products from well-known sellers - I recommend all kinds of grocery stores, and above all markets. I definitely prefer to buy vegetables on the market, because they are completely different in taste than those in supermarkets.
I am not a maniac of healthy eating, but I try to choose from the available products what is best for us.
Edit. I forgot to add that if you are not sure about giving up milk completely - drink only the maximum 1,5% (only such milk should be drunk by an adult).