The best body and hair cream

I can't believe that there was no separate review of Isana body cream with shea butter on my blog.

This product is probably with me always. And not only because of its saving action, but also the huge capacity of the packaging, which we get for around PLN 10.

Initially, I bought the product to moisturize the skin, but over time it also became my favorite for hair. I apply a small amount of cream overnight, in the morning I wash my hair and literally massage it into the tips, and then dry my hair.
It's a trick that makes my hair shiny and moisturized.Its unearthly smell also supports the purchase of this cream. I am very sensitive when it comes to fragrances, and this product has seduced me since its first use.
The slightly sweet scent of cocoa makes the joy of using this product indescribable. You want to eat it!
Another plus is the light texture. Despite the fact that the cream is not a thick butter (which is a pity, because such a version would probably also be wonderful), its performance is very high.
500 ml cosmetic is enough for a good few months. For 10 PLN. we get a product that lasts for so long, isn't it wonderful?
Where to buy it You can find him in every Rossmann. He is often in the promotion, so if you want to wait, you can get him for around PLN 7!
And if we are already in consistency, it is worth mentioning that the cream does not leave a greasy layer on the skin and that it absorbs very quickly.
A plus for me is the packaging, which allows me to get the entire content out of the packaging.
With the next purchase, I was thinking about the red version of this product (probably cranberry?), But I decided that I would postpone testing the second version in the spring, because the cocoa fragrance perfectly envelops on winter mornings.
In my opinion it is an ideal product: cheap, efficient and it smells wonderful. What more could you want?!
Używałyście? How did this product work for you?