6 products, without which I can not imagine life

You often ask me about the cosmetics that I use and which I would not change in my life. That's why I decided to scrape a few words about 6 products, without which I can not imagine life.
The order is completely random.
  1. BB cream Dr G. This cream has been with me for 2 year and I can't imagine makeup without using this product. I don't use foundation because everyone who used it was clogging me up. When I met this company's BB creams I immediately fell in love. I tested different versions (sensitive, pore +, hydra intensive, and now I will test Bright +) and I have never been disappointed (except sensitive, which turned out to be too bright).
  2. Beauty blender, i.e. the sponge that I apply with BB cream. When I bought the cream I immediately ordered Beauty Blender. I have never used so-called fakes and I'm not going to. Why, if this product works great with me? The sponge makes applying BB cream very easy. Just a small amount of cream, which I squeeze on the upper part of the hand, and then stamp my face with a sponge. The cream blends perfectly with the skin, giving a natural effect.
  3. Colloidal Silverwhich I use instead of a tonic. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is go to wipe my face with colloidal silver. This product made my skin look so good. I don't count how many bottles I've used. P. uses silver with me 🙂
  4. Bandi cream with almond acidwho I feel has saved my complexion from destruction. I learned about the cream from girls who wrote under my note about my fight against acne, that I would try this product. Another cosmetic that I use with P.
  5. Base for Hean shadows I use every time I apply eye shadows. She has never let me down, thanks to her my eye makeup stays on for hours.
  6. Do Cetaphil face wash cream I came back after years and I do not regret it. Perfectly cleanses my complexion, works well with the sonic toothbrush from Tchibo. P. also uses this product.
By writing this note I realized that there are a lot of products that we use with my husband for the company;)
Let me know what is on your list of products without which you cannot imagine life 🙂