Types of people in the gym

We have been going to the gym for several months. Our beginnings were difficult, but I'm starting to get more and more satisfaction from it. The biggest of observing my body and how it changes with each visit to the gym. If you are looking for a nice exercise set (leggings + top), I recommend the Cardio Bunny company, which was also recommended to me by a fit friend (Paulina runs a blog to which I cordially invite you click. I am very happy that we talked you into running a blog! We keep our fingers crossed for your blog success). Clothes of this company are durable, the material perfectly absorbs sweat, and leggings do not stick anywhere during exercise.

Going to the gym regularly, we came across more than three characteristic types of people who appear in the gym. Of course, please treat the post with a grain of salt, or maybe not ... I'm very curious, have you ever found one of these types? Let me know in the comments.

To the gym for a selfie

I always look with amusement at people who go to the gym just to take a selfie and show how fit they are. I once found a joke about most fit people - how much time do you spend in the gym? 5 days a week. And how many taking photos? 4 days. It speaks for itself, right? And unfortunately this is often practiced. I saw with my own eyes the girls who spent most of their time in front of the mirror in the gym (of course, all the equipment on which they allegedly exercised had to be in the background), instead of exercising. I don't know about you, but I go to the gym to work out. Apparently not everyone is doing so ...
Nevertheless, the freak on Instagram revolves, Photoshop goes into motion, because after all, a fit young lady must show the effects of training. Yes, yes ... those from the pictures.

Oh, today does not come

Syndrome of men bad guys who come to the gym to coke, and in fact it looks like this - he will lift the barbell 2 times and complains to his colleague that today is not his day. As you probably guessed, 'this' day never comes (I know this because I see men every few days and the script is the same, only the topic of conversations changes). As a result, the gentlemen sit and talk for an hour about what they ate at the weekend and what party they were not at. Instead of just practicing, of course ...

What / Who will motivate me ??

Some lack motivation to exercise. I was the type too, until I just didn't move four letters myself and didn't start practicing. Alone for myself, not for someone. I've always had an excuse - no time (standard excuse for everything), because the gym pass is so expensive, because I don't have anything to wear because ... (this is the place for your excuse) ...

A few days ago, after a whole day of work, I had no strength for anything. It was hot outside and I only dreamed of going to sleep. Do you know what I did? I gathered all the forces of the world and went with Piotr to the gym. A treadmill, a bike ... that's something I really liked. You can really like the exercises and I say it myself - a person who by all means combined how to get out of going to PE.