Max Factor False Lash mascara gold vs. blue

As you know, my favorite mascara is Max Factor False Lash. Today I have a comparison of traditional and waterproof mascara for you.
I was tempted to use the waterproof version, because in the summer I needed a product that I didn't fear sweat and tears.
The gold version has been with me for a long time and works on them like no other product.
1. Package
Traditional ink has a black packaging with a gold stripe by the cap, while waterproof ink has a black packaging with a blue stripe by the cap.
2. Smell
Both mascaras smell similar.
3. Consistency
The golden mascara was quite compact from the beginning, while the waterproof version is more watery.
4. Brush
Both brushes are the same: silicone, with smaller and larger protrusions. Pretty thick head.
5. The effect on eyelashes
The effect was similar for both versions. Mascara combs eyelashes very well, slightly curling and lifting them. The black of this product is intense. I have the impression that the waterproof version gives a slightly better effect.
Both versions dry on the eyelashes quite quickly. The ink does not reflect, creating panda effect. Unfortunately, I have the impression that the gold version dries quite quickly, which causes the ink to crumble after some time.
6. Price
The price of both these products is similar and amounts to approximately PLN 30.
7. Availability
While there is no problem with the availability of the golden version, because we can find it in virtually every drugstore, finding a waterproof version is a feat.
In August I needed a waterproof version, not knowing that its availability is bad, I only started looking for it on 1,5 the week to the day I needed it.
It was terrible stress, I called after all drugstores, among others Rossmann, Superpharm, Hebe ... finally after my tenth call, I found one play in Douglas in Madison (Gdańsk).
I don't know why the waterproof version is so difficult to access stationary.
I don't know why this product is so poor. Maybe it just wasn't available during this period, but I won't answer that until I run out of mascara.
8. I currently use
Currently, I returned to the golden version, because the waterproof is already a little dried up and begins to crumble. Besides, I don't need waterproof mascara on a daily basis.