My adventure with mascaras

The first mascara that I used at the beginning of my makeup adventure was one that:
a) it was cheap (around PLN XUMUM)
b) easily accessible (Rossmann)
c) had a good brush (ordinary bristle)

As for the inks, I used a few, if I found one that suited me at the moment, stayed with me for longer. Until my lashes got used to the product and it just stopped working. Then I started looking for something new.

This ink was the Miss Sporty XX Volume product. I don't even know if it's still available on the market. I really liked his brush (I have one until today - it serves as a brush for applying castor oil on eyelashes).
The downside of this mascara was that it did not emphasize the eyelashes properly, and with my ones that have a problem with curling did not move at all.
Back then, when I was using it, I really needed nothing more than a good brush and gentle underlining of eyelashes (one that was not properly seen).

Another ink I bought was Rimmel London Glam'eyes - it was my first adventure with a completely different ink in terms of price and also in terms of the brush. Glam'eyes has a silicone brush that at first landed more than once in my eye.

At first, the mascara was doing great on my eyelashes - it separated them wonderfully, and it emphasized them nicely. It was something completely different after the Miss Sporty product.
Unfortunately, as in the case of the previous mascara after 3 packaging, my eyelashes got used to it ...
Later there was a short episode with Avon supershock mascara, which had a silicone brush, thick, but very handy. He did great with eyelashes, but the brush too often landed in my eye, so I stopped using it and started looking for something else.
The next short episodes concerned Joko and Grashka mascaras, which I got for testing. While Grashka didn't really suit me, one of Joko's mascaras (curling up) was very nice about my eyelashes. I even thought that I found an ideal, but as a result I didn't use it and gave it to my mother. Her eyelashes work much better on mascaras, also thanks to this mascara she had curtains. I unfortunately don't.
It was the same with the Loreal Lash Architect 4D mascara, which was next to my eyelashes looking terrible. Besides, I didn't like his brush. She glued her eyelashes tragically. For my mother's eyelashes he did wonders ...

Long love and a great return to Rimmel London, i.e. Sexy Curves mascara. A long, actually very long adventure with this ink, because it was with me with 2-3 years.

Why did I give up on him?
And because it started to annoy me, because in Rossmann I often came across dried carcasses that stopped "working" after a month. I stopped calculating it. In addition, I read about the Lovely Pump Up mascara, which has been with me for a month. I really like it for the brush, and also because it is cheap and easily accessible.
We return to the starting point, because I started with cheap, easily available mascara, etc., later there were experiments with more expensive and less accessible mascaras, until I finally found one of my favorite mascaras.
Did I find an ideal during this time?
Ideal is a very big word, but I will definitely come back to Sexy Curves because it has a brilliant brush. I think, however, that I will use it alternately with Wibo mascara, so that my eyelashes do not get used to one product.