Kobo Ideal Volume Mascara Review + competition

kobo ideal volume

It was recently about the ink that gives the "wow" effect on eyelashes, and today about the product for those who like a softer effect. If you are looking for mascara that gives a delicate effect and does not cause a panda effect - be sure to try this one.

I received Kobo Mascara for testing during the Meet Beauty conference in Warsaw. I have my favorite among the carcasses, so I left this mascara for the occasion when I finish Max Factor False Lash.
To be honest I am in favor of the "wow" effect and strong lengthening and curling of eyelashes. There are, however, days when I want a softer makeup (e.g. make up no make up). I reach for Kobo mascara then.
This mascara has a silicone brush, and its construction causes that even the shortest hair is also covered with a layer of mascara. Personally, I am a fan of silicone brushes because they work best with my eyelashes.
Although the effect of the mascara is delicate, it lengthens and curls the eyelashes very nicely (but without the "wow" effect).
If you were interested in this mascara - I have a surprise for you. I have another, unused mascara that I would like to share with you.
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You can apply from today to 23.03.2016 (23: 59).

The competition is won by Dominika Kozak! We are waiting for your shipment details 🙂