How moving to Warsaw affected my skin

Moving is a huge challenge for the body. In addition to the stress that accompanies her from the moment she decides to move, to the unpacking of boxes with things. Although we are minimalists and we have very few things, there were really many cartons. Moving to another city (in our case moving to Warsaw) was a feat not only for us, but also for our skin.

Cartons are the enemy of our skin

I am allergic, just like Piotr. Our body sensed moving for a kilometer. He literally sensed, because since the boxes appeared in the house, we began to sneeze. Cartons also very dry the skin of the hands, so it's better to carry them in gloves and additionally moisturize the skin. Cotton gloves that we put on (at night) on previously smeared hands with a thick layer of hand cream will be great. The one that I always recommend to everyone is Tołpa's concentrate. Great moisturizes even really dry skin of the hands.

Changing the environment affects our skin

I felt painfully moving to Warsaw. I thought there was hard water in Gdansk, but it wasn't until we moved here that I realized that the Tri-City is great water. I saw the first changes on my hair. Already one of the first washes convinced me that I had to go to the store for my beloved Biovax mask with oils. The hair was dejected and didn't style at all. They were also very dry, despite the use of Sylveco wheat oat shampoo, which is quite moisturizing in itself. If it goes on like this, I will probably invest in a water softening handset, which apparently gives really good results.

Tony Moly masks of different types

Later, I began to notice dry skin on the face, especially around the chin, nose and forehead. I fight it all the time, but the dryness is still visible and felt. At night, I tap a thick layer of light Sylveco marigold cream or Tołpa moisturizer. Twice a week I apply a very moisturizing avocado mask I'm real from Tony Moly, who saved my skin after illness. The Korean brand Tony Moly offers not only brilliant masks on cotton sheets I'm Real, but also colors and other wonders. Before I went on a plant-based diet, I tested the Egg Pore mask, which cleanses the skin very well and quickly treats imperfections.

This mask was recommended to me by one of the Girls from Instagram, because it brings to a state of normality very dry skin. True, this mask saved my skin not only after illness, but also after moving. After testing the avocado version, I decided on another from this series.

I liked the avocado, tomato and rice mask the most, although the avocado version is my favorite. Unfortunately, after the aloe vera I was allergic and I know that I will definitely not buy it anymore.

Only a few years ago I used only Korean cosmetics (I was also on Korean cosmetics conferences at the invitation of the Mizon Polska brand) - you probably remember that my huge favorite was BB Dr G cream, thanks to which I managed to win the fight against imperfections, or make-up removal cosmetics, which, according to Koreans, is the best. If you are interested in the subject of Korean cosmetics, take a look here.

How to prepare your skin for moving?

First of all, you need to ensure proper hydration of the skin. Not only outside but also inside. I mean drinking a lot of water or coconut water, which is rich in vitamins and additionally moisturizes 10 better than ordinary water. Very good coconut water is in Lidl, but I do not recommend the one from Biedronka. It is sour and tasteless.

Tony Moly cotton and rice algae mask

Especially for moisturizing the facial skin, I recommend thermal water and natural moisturizing creams, e.g. the above mentioned Sylveco or Tony Moly avocado mask, as well as rice or algae that will cope not only with dry, but also contaminated skin. I recommend a Mizon mask with green tea from masks on a cotton sheet. It moisturizes the skin very well (although I have the impression that it's not as much as Tony Moly I'm Real), but it also smells beautiful. If you are interested in this mask, be sure to check it out post about Mizon cotton sheet masks.

Piotr laughed because during the move from Gdańsk to Warsaw I was constantly walking and spraying my face with thermal water, as well as lubricating my hands with cream. Despite this, I couldn't avoid the side effects of moving to Warsaw in 100%, which was excessive drying of the face and hands.

Domol liquid for softening water

The water in my tap is awful. It is very hard, causes a terrible stone. While the kettle can be descaled with vinegar or another product intended for this, it is not so easy with a washing machine. Some time ago I bought a Domol liquid that is supposed to soften the water. I don't want to change the washing machine next year, because the water in Gdańsk is very hard.

Price: I bought for PLN 6, but I don't know what the daily price is;)

A few words from the producer: ,,Domol water softening gel dissolves in the full temperature range and prevents scale build-up. The stone-covered heater heats up much longer, so thanks to the Domol softening gel you save not only energy and time, but also the amount of detergent needed for washing. "Availability / Where to buy: very good availability, product available at Rossmann drugstore

My opinion

As I mentioned at the beginning - the water level in my tap calls for vengeance to heaven in terms of hardness. I even checked it out of curiosity when we got a water hardness tester with the dishwasher. It turned out that the water is hard. To be honest, the result did not surprise me ... I found out myself how hard it is. On average, every week 2 I need to descale the kettle. And we don't use it every day.

The more we do not leave water for a long time, we pour it immediately. The stone appears anyway. Then I decided that it was time to invest in a water softening product - for washing. I really value the quality of Domol products, which is why the product fell on. The softener is in the form of a gel, the more I wanted to try it. The liquid is blue and dark. Still, he doesn't dye bright clothes.

For washing, I add 1 liquid cap (pour into the same hole where I put the washing powder). Recently I saw a water softener in Rossman powder for 9,99 PLN. I wonder if it's as good as the liquid one. I recommend washing, because this product protects our washing machines! :)