Generation 'not enough'

Imagine that when on Insta Stories (if you are not yet watching us on Instagram, do it now) I boasted that our Pinterest profile is growing in strength (for some it is not enough), and we are realizing or getting closer to realizing our dreams every day - hate has fallen. At one point, I felt ashamed that I was bragging about my success (of course, I'm joking). Years of blogging have taught me that by doing something above the standard, you are exposed to negative (but also positive, which is really a lot about our blog) opinions.

Are you doing something above? That `s bad! Because you are actually not doing enough

Be like the others and do nothing so as not to stand out from the crowd. How many times have you heard this in your life? Since childhood, schools have shaped us in such a way as to think standard - hence all these tests or even a high school diploma. They must comply with the template, because when you stand out it is very bad. If you do more than 95% of society you are cursed! Unfortunately, Poles are very envious and most often pay attention to those who sit on the butt and do nothing. They can stick to everything - your blog has 70 thousand. views per month? This is not enough (and how many views does your blog have? And I forgot ... You don't have a blog), did you interview about the topic in which you are an expert? This is not enough (and you when you last said something clever? And I forgot ... after all you have no interests except watching paradocuments on TV), or maybe you played in one movie recently and broke it out ?! That's a scandal! (And how many movies have you played / played?). I could multiply examples until morning ...

It is very good to set the bar high and achieve your goals. Only this bar must be set by no one else but you. You have to set goals and achieve them. These must be YOUR goals, not someone else's. Then you will feel complete satisfaction when something goes well. If this is someone's goal, you will have the impression that you are still doing too little.

It's best not to do anything and brag about it

I used to envy people a lot. That they had more money, a cool boyfriend or cooler clothes. High school was a hard time for me for various reasons, mainly because then my world collapsed. I was unbearable and I saw the enemy in every man. It was then that I learned to envy others. However, the time of change came when I went to university, my thinking changed as well. I knew that you couldn't live like that. Today I can enjoy the successes of others, and the fact that someone I don't like got promoted or that someone has a villa with a pool and I don't, is for me a sincere feeling of joy from someone's happiness. Interestingly, I learned to enjoy the successes of others, like my own. I also love to motivate people and see how successful they are. It's the greatest feeling in the world knowing that thanks to you someone can celebrate today. God forbid, however, if you do something that another has failed and you will boast about it - you will be lynched. However, don't worry about the opinion of people you don't care about. Achieving successes ALWAYS come across a group of envious people who will only be looking for a way to get you stuck.

"The golden remedy for this type of situation is the magic of oozingwhich is very difficult at first "

The funniest thing is that these people usually don't do anything to change their lives. They sit in jobs they don't like, perform duties that don't please them, or just get used to the stagnation that surrounds their lives. I can't do this, I like how much happens, it motivates me to act. This is how the D&P blog was created - for wanting to do something more. However, I never expected that my texts would reach such a wide audience and the blog would grow at such a rapid pace. Advice from an experienced blogger, if you are at the beginning of your professional career, is to oil the covers from others and do your job. You will never please everyone, because everyone is different - they have different tastes in appearance, writing style and aesthetics. The most important thing is to remain yourself and do everything in harmony with yourself. If you don't miss this, you will reach a group of like-minded people who will follow you in a fire.

A safe second choice option

I was always entertained at job interviews when recruiters asked if I was just applying for this ad, or maybe I was still applying to some company (seriously ?! Would I be so stupid to put everything on one card ?!). Ladies and Gentlemen, I have not applied to another company at all, I know that I will work with you and this conversation is just a formality. Let's not be stupid, after all, everyone likes to have an emergency option when something goes wrong. After all, everything does not always go our way, so whether you are looking for a job or taking part in recruitment for studies it is worth considering the second choice options. When applying for studies, I knew that I wanted to go to political science, but I also applied for sociology and pedagogy, not because I was particularly interested in these fields, but because I considered them to be an emergency option.

Although I got into political science without any problem, I felt safe because I had the emergency option if something went wrong, if what I did was not enough. I like to take risks, but with some extra option. Although not always, because I happen to take risks, just follow the blow when I strongly believe in something. Risks don't always pay off and things don't always go my way, but I have a clear conscience that I could do something to make things better. If you are still afraid of change, get out of your comfort zone now and start acting, even if it scares you all at the moment!