Types of beauty part 4 Winter Woman

The winter woman is divided into two types:

- warm (so-called Latin)

- cold (called "snowball")

Woman's skin with winter beauty type if it is cool, it has a bluish or blue-pink color.

This color can also be seen as grayish beige in lighter or darker shades. Often, winter is accompanied by a visible blush on the face, but it will never have freckles.

The warm shade of winter are the colors:

- pink

- beige

- pink-beige

- olive

The winter woman tans very quickly, the tan lasts very long.

Examples of women with winter type of beauty:

  • Salma Hayek
  • Eva Longoria
  • Liv Tyler


Winters can boast dark hair from medium brown to dark brown and black. Of course, I mean natural color. Hair often has a slight shine of red, and if it is black - bluish. If you are winter and want to dye your hair - look at the following palette. This hair color is most suitable for your type of beauty.

winter woman hair color palette

Unfortunately, gray comes the earliest in winter.


The eyes are best seen in winter, because winters usually have pure white proteins, and the iris often has a bluish, cool border. The eyes are usually:

  • black
  • Brown
  • black-brown
  • blue
  • green
  • gray-brown
  • Hazel

rich palette, right? but as I mentioned above, winters have a characteristic eye border.


The lips of winter are pink or in shades of bright, subdued red. Some winters may have a shade of purple, but this is not uncommon.

Colors for winter

Winters look perfect in cool shades. By choosing shiny materials, they emphasize their beauty. Winter as the only season of the year looks beautiful in black and white (also when these colors are combined). Winters should avoid pastels, redness and rusty browns, because in these colors it will look terrible. Also avoid orange , bright green and warm beige. Below is a palette of shades ideal for winter.

palette of shades ideal for a winter woman


Winter looks great in strong eye makeup. This is the only eye season that can use a black liner and have heavily mascara eyelashes with impunity. If you want to put on expressive lips - I recommend red (this one is strong for winters!) As well as shades of cherry or raspberry, fuchsia and purple. Winter, however, should avoid light pearly lipsticks.


  • black
  • graphite
  • grey
  • purples
  • dark green
  • cold browns
  • neutral beige

The foundation in winters must be cool without yellowish or pink color. The best shade will be a natural beige shade. The blush on the cheeks cannot have a warm tone, the blush in a cool tone will definitely add more charm.


4 seasons - 4 beauty types

Each of us has our taste for colors. Some feel better in bright shades, others prefer the more subdued ones.

You may have noticed that we often choose colors according to our mood - the darker ones when we don't want to stand out from the crowd, and the more vivid ones - when we want to be noticed.

The brutal truth is that we are judged on the basis of external beauty. It decides about our successes or professional or life failures. Fortunately, we can influence how we are perceived - choosing the right makeup, clothes or accessories. Do you also have such that you buy something on the spur of the moment, and then this clothes gets dusty in the closet? I will give an example from my experience - a few months ago I bought myself a shirt at Reserved. At first I was delighted with her cut, color, but after a few weeks I noticed that I wasn't wearing it even once.

Thanks to the color analysis it will be easier for us today to choose colors suitable for our type of beauty. We will avoid mishaps and our budget will be used more wisely. It is true that throughout life we ​​change color taste - as children we choose very vivid colors - pink, red or yellow.

Teenagers, however, often choose blues, shades of gray, brown and black. As mature people, we usually choose the shades that are just fashionable - during this period often not only the colors but their shades, e.g. raspberry, tomato, cream or chalk. Why are 4 seasons in the subject of the note? Well, we will classify the types of beauty based on just the seasons 4:

from today they will be our determinants of the type of beauty. And I will use it when writing notes about the color, which I confess without beating recently, I neglected. Note above I am opening a series of 4 notes on color analysis and beauty types. I will try to give you all my knowledge on this subject as much as I can. I hope that the notes will be helpful for you :)