How to buy clothes so you don't lose money?

I have been a minimalist for several years. When I talk about it my friends are largely shocked. Because how can you have only two or three dresses or two jackets. Well, everything is based on my basic clothes, from which I create my stylizations. I'm not a typical fashion blogger and I've never considered myself a blogger. Styling on the blog appeared naturally, along with my growing awareness about clothes and their quality. And this is what I would like to share with you - quality and advice on how to buy clothes.

Price and quality of clothes

It's no secret that you have to pay more for better-quality clothes (though not always). A few days ago I praised my friend's leggings, which I bought in the MLE store by Kasia Tusk. When I said about the price there was a comment that they are expensive. Okay, maybe 100 a few zlotys for leggings around the house is a lot, but ... I was thinking about buying them when they are of good quality and I will not have to buy H&M leggings on average every 2-3 for months (which are also not the cheapest) .

Buying good quality clothes is a real challenge

This idea accompanies me every time I decide to go shopping. It is often the case that the cool cuts of dresses or blouses have a composition that I do not like (100% polyester is not the top of my dreams!) And their price is very high. It happens, however, that in well-known chain stores we find good quality clothes at a low price, e.g. H&M cotton blouses, which I love, cost 39,90 PLN.
Some time ago I discovered a very nice Polish company - Marie Zélie, which produces amazing dresses, skirts, as well as basic blouses (perfect for a jacket or cape) and shirts. Minimalism and great workmanship, as well as skin-friendly materials (natural fabrics in which a person feels at ease throughout the day) is something that distinguishes this company. In addition, all clothes are made in Poland, for which huge bows! For sure, each of you will find something for themselves in the online store Marie Zélie.

I don't need that amount of clothes

I got infected with minimalism after reading Joanna Glogazy's book 'Slow Fashion'. I have already mentioned the book several times about this book and the revolution that took place in my life after reading it. I will tell you today, however, that thanks to Joanna my attitude towards clothes has changed completely. I don't pay attention today
for clothes with a poor composition, nor do I buy things to kill the feeling of ownership. If I miss something (this was the case with the autumn wardrobe) I make a list of necessary things and I check it out about 3 times by asking myself 'do I really need it?' Thanks to this, I avoid buying unnecessary things.

Shopping ONLY via the internet

I have been shopping online only for a long time. I noticed that stationary stores do not affect me well in many ways. First of all, I waste a lot of time looking for what I need (and I usually won't find it, because my size / color is missing / the composition is wrong). In addition, I often fall into the trap of marketers, although I know these tricks myself. And this is how my basket gets socks that I don't need at all or a second pair of shoes (I don't need those for sure).
I not only buy clothes online, but also order shopping. This is a great saving not only of time, but also of money, because unnecessary products (bought on impulse) do not go to the basket.