Ugg or Emu? Emu or Ugg? Which shoes should you choose?

Some love, others hate. I am talking about Ugg and Emu shoes, which are becoming more and more popular and reach for more and more women. No wonder, since these types of shoes are not only very comfortable, but also warm. If you always associate winter with cold feet, I will tell you a secret - it doesn't concern me since I loved Emu and Uggi. Of course, there is also a group of people who define these shoes the ugliest shoes in the world. As you know - tastes are not discussed. Just as I will not raise the issue of fakes Emu, which after one season look like split slippers (these shoes are most often seen on the streets). Remember, however, that no polyester will ever have the same properties as wool. And it certainly won't warm your feet on cold days. However, as I have already mentioned - tastes are not discussed.

My story with Emu shoes

For many years I have put Emu on 100%. My adventure with these shoes began with the Paterson mini version in chocolate (chocolate), after some time I bought Emu Paterson Lo (medium length) in the same color. I bought Patersons Lo on Emu Australia because they were much cheaper than in online stores in Poland. This version of Emu is 100% waterproof, which I tested during thaws or freezing rain. They do not need to be impregnated, because they are already impregnated. If you are looking for a model that does not get wet and keeps your feet at the right temperature, then this will be a good choice. In this model, however, I found one drawback, which decided that I would never reach for it again.

UGG with a bow on the side

Well, this version of Emu has a stiffened heel, which is quite high and stiff. I have a problem with shoes that have such stiff heels, because they immediately rub me. By the time the heel was covered with fur, everything was fine. The pain only began when the fur was patted and it no longer formed such a large protective layer. Initially, I thought that the problem was my very demanding and sensitive feet (on Instagram I mentioned many times that every shoe at first rubs me down to the blood). I risked a lot buying these medium-length shoes, but the Paterson version was the best solution for me.

I also measured Stingers and they have a much different build than Emu Paterson. Patersons have a thicker sole, which is also stiffer. They also have a harder heel. By measuring Stingers and Patersons you can feel the difference right away. Stingers are not as waterproof as Patersons, which is why I decided not to buy them. Unfortunately in the Lo version, when the fur was patted - the same problem arose. Interestingly, the people who bought both pairs from me completely did not feel any discomfort associated with the heel. So as you can see then the issue of my sensitive feet. Anyway, I decided not to take the risk with Emu and I bought Ugg Daelynn in black, which has a charming bow on the side.

Differences between Emu Pateron and Ugg Daelynn

The first difference I noticed immediately is weight. Uggi Daelynn are definitely lighter than Patersons. I have the impression that they are also narrower and better fitted to the foot, despite the fact that the Patersons were really well fitted and less 'slipper' than, for example, Stingers. The sole on both models is also significantly different. Patersons have a stiff and compact sole, while Uggi have a very funny sole that is rubbery. Initially, I couldn't get used to it because I had the impression that I was bouncing off the ground while walking. Very strange feeling, but after a few walks it disappeared (I think I just got used to it). In Uggach Daelynn doesn't have a hard and stiff heel, but the heel is (don't wear shoes without stiffened heels, because they damage your feet!), But completely different than in Emu Paterson.

daelynn shoes UGG

As for the quality of workmanship - in both companies it is at a very high level and there is nothing to fault. However, there is a difference - in Emu, suede has a suede-like structure - when you touch it with your finger, a trace remains. Uggi, on the other hand, have a more velvety surface. In my opinion, this is a matter of bristle length, because in Uggach it is shorter than in Emu. I will not tell you how it affects keeping them clean, because I am using Uggi too short to say anything. In the store where I bought my Uggi I also bought an Emu shoe cleaning kit. This set saved my Birkenstock flip flops, for which coconut oil flew me ... as if someone ever wanted to oil the body in Birkenstock - I do not recommend it.

snow boots UGG

Impregnation and cleaning of Emu and Ugg shoes

Uggi before the first use sprayed one of the Emu preparations, which is designed to protect them from rain. In addition, the set includes a cleaning spray and shoe conditioner and a small brush for cleaning shoes. However, it is too sharp for Uggs, so I use a Badura brush. If you are thinking about buying Ugg or Emu shoes, I hope I helped you a bit in making a decision. Of course, it is worth considering that each model is a little different. However, there are many common features that are characteristic of the brand, such as the sole of a shoe.


Let me know if you like Ugg and Emu shoes and which company you choose. I toss up posts that I wrote about Emu among others Why my Emu do not look like the manufacturer's website and a post about is it worth investing in Emu shoes.