Evening beauty ritual

I like to prepare for sleep. Sleep is a time when our body regenerates, why not
use this time for care? All you need is a little help to our body.
Cleansing + face care
Cleansing The first very important step is thorough makeup removal. Evening is also a time when a sonic toothbrush will help, which will actually do all the work for us.
evening beauty ritual
After removing makeup, wipe your face with a tonic (in my case it is colloidal silver), and then apply the night cream (for me it is Bandi with mandelic acid) or Bielenda serum with mandelic acid (this is the perfect time to apply a conditioning serum).
Don't forget about the neck and bust!
When applying the cream or serum do not forget about the neck, which also needs adequate hydration during sleep. What does my evening care of these areas look like? Massage into breasts Eveline serum, while the neck is nurtured by Kneipp bio oil.
Remember that cosmetics should be massaged into the neck from the neckline, heading up.
Mandatory olive or balm
Every day before going to bed I massage into the skin babydream olive or body lotion. This ritual makes me wake up in the morning with smooth, nourished skin.
And the lips ?!
I have been using the balm recently Herbal Teas. I apply a thick layer on my lips, and in the morning not only my skin, but also my lips are extremely soft. You can also apply this patent to other lipsticks or lip balms.
Feet and hands
Beautiful, smooth feet and hands Want to have smooth feet? Apply a thick layer of foot cream (I recommend Lirene foot cream with urea), and then put on cotton socks. You can do the same for your hands. Massage a thick layer of hand cream into your hands and put on cotton gloves.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work for me, because I always wake up with gloves throwing across the bed. That is why I massage hand cream before going to bed and go to sleep sp