How to fix your skin?

Every now and then does your skin get dry? Does it look worse day by day? I also had this problem. This applies especially to allergy sufferers during periods of heavy dusting or contact with an allergen.
For some time, I have been successfully saying goodbye to chemical care products and replacing them with natural cosmetics. The first step I made a long time ago was giving up SLS and SLES, what was good for me. Since I avoid these ingredients, my skin looks a lot better and is not so dry.
I also started using a natural deodorant, giving up those you get at drugstores. Initially I used Crystal, and now I found something better, but soon, because this product requires a separate review.
I also gave up buying body lotions, currently I am finishing Isana Cocoa Butter, which is my last, drugstore purchase from this series. I have been using oils for a long time (now carrot seed oil).
I noticed that since I use oils my skin has changed a lot and is not as dry as it once was. I often combine two oils, e.g. sweet almond oil+ a few drops of carrot seed oil.
I recommend company oils Etja, I have great confidence in them, they are of good quality. We get the oil in a glass bottle with a dispenser, which facilitates using the product.
Natural care has also reached my hair. I haven't been shampooing for several months of wheat and oat from Sylvecoas well as hair conditioners Petal Freshthat are very efficient.
If I'm already at the company Sylveco, I also recommend Biolaven cream
for a day he liked my face very much. However, it is not suitable for makeup because it is quite fat. I use it only after removing makeup.
I didn't completely give up chemistry. I still use BB cream Dr G, which is not natural, or Mac well dressed roses, but I limit typical chemical products, which totally changed my skin (of course, for the better!).