2015 favorites

The year 2015 was full of discoveries. I found a lot of products that I liked, but unfortunately I also came across a buble (I try to forget about them). In today's note I will show you these biggest favorites, because if I were to show all products from the whole year that I liked - this post would probably be the longest in history.
2015 favorites

Mac Well Dressed Blush

This pink must have been in my favorites. After the roses I tested (including Lovely, Eveline), finally someone came up with the brilliant idea that there was a Mac in Douglas. When I saw this - I rubbed my eyes in amazement. I had a long desire for Mac roses, but I didn't want to buy it in the dark.
Of course, when I saw flecks in pink live, I started to shake my nose (yes, I'm a fan of mats). I'm glad that I got convinced because I'm delighted. Blush stays all day, evenly disappears. It is very efficient. I bought it in July, and I still can't see wear.

Sylveco, oat and wheat shampoo

A huge favorite of the year. It smells beautiful and does something wonderful with my hair - it is nourished, it curls better. Since I use this shampoo, I don't use the conditioner every day because my hair doesn't need it.
A great product with a natural composition. Sylveco is my discovery of the year.

Cloths for washing against dyeing of clothes

A product that changed my life. Thanks to these cloths, I can wash everything in one go. I save water and protect my clothes from dyeing. I am currently buying Domol clothsthat can be found in Rossmann.

Sylveco micellar fluid

I love this micel! Great for removing makeup. I use it in the second stage of makeup removal (after washing the first layer of makeup with bio-oil Kneipp). Draws on mascara nicely. This is the first one natural micellar fluidthat really works!


O Invisibobble I heard a lot, and finally after fakes from H&M (which served me quite well) I decided on original rubber bands. They do not pull out the hair, after removing the elastics there is no characteristic trace of the elastic band. I think it's the perfect elastic for curly hair!

Kneipp bio body oil

Oil I used for body, hair and make-up removal. He proved to be great in every role. I love his smell. Does not clog (which is a huge success for my face).