2016 June favorites

2016 June favorites

The middle of July is behind us, and I haven't shown you my June favorites yet. I am in a hurry to catch up (the thesis recently takes me a lot of time). I try to respond to all comments on the blog and social media, as well as visit your blogs, but I do not always have time for it 🙁 For comfort - soon some news on the blog. The development of the "style" section is being prepared, which does not mean, however, that we will forget about the "beauty" tab - here also several product reviews are waiting in queue.

Mizon Pore Clearing Volcanic Mask

A face mask with volcanic ash from the Jeju Islands was most often on my face in June. Great for problematic skin (soothes irritations). That it pulls dirt out of the skin is a little pulled because I didn't notice the effect of pulling subcutaneous bumps. Nevertheless, the mask removes excess sebum very well. I apply it on 15 minutes, after which I wash with a special sponge. After washing off the mask, it is worth applying a moisturizing cream, because the face may be slightly dry.

Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive

A spray conditioner that won my heart. I am still using a mask from this series, but recently something has been weighing my hair down too much (my hair has been extremely capricious for two months!). This conditioner is very light and I have the impression that it conquers the curl of my hair. It smells very good. The fragrance stays on the hair for longer. Hair after this conditioner is loose and shiny.

Important - shake before use 🙂

You can buy the conditioner here: http://goo.gl/ivGrvw

Catrice Camouflage

3 "got tired" with this product for months, until we finally started working together and we liked each other very much. I tested several ways to apply this concealer (I use it under the eyes) and my fingertips work best.

The concealer nicely conceals shadows, but is a bit dry, so I apply under the eye moisturizer and after 10 minutes I only apply the Catrice concealer.

Concealer to buy here: http://goo.gl/NkN9kI

Brush for applying masks

My previous brush was completely useless, so I started looking for something new. I found the brush in Rossmann, it cost about 19 PLN. Has very soft bristles. The only downside is the color of the bristles - with more dirty masks, e.g. clays, it requires longer washing. It dries quickly and greatly facilitates the application of masks (clays and algae in particular).

You can buy the brush here: http://goo.gl/d4t1Xt